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The Reflection's Horror

A Tale of Terror in the Mirror

By Dilip gurjarPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Every day, Jane would stare at herself in the mirror, inspecting her features and admiring her appearance. She was always pleased with what she saw, until one day, she noticed something strange. A slight distortion in the reflection caught her eye, and she couldn't shake off the feeling that something was off.

As the days passed, the distortion became more pronounced, and Jane began to feel uneasy every time she looked into the mirror. She tried to ignore it, but the feeling of unease persisted, and she began to avoid the mirror altogether.

One night, as she was getting ready for bed, Jane caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and froze. The reflection was no longer a distorted version of herself. Instead, it was a grotesque, twisted version of her, with bloodshot eyes and a sinister smile.

Jane couldn't believe what she was seeing. She rubbed her eyes, thinking that it was just a trick of the light, but when she looked back at the mirror, the image was still there, staring back at her with malevolent glee.

Terrified, Jane backed away from the mirror, but as she did, the reflection began to move on its own, stepping out of the mirror and into her bedroom. The twisted version of Jane cackled as it approached her, its hands reaching out to grab her.

Jane screamed and tried to run, but the twisted version of herself was too fast. It caught her and dragged her back towards the mirror, pulling her inside. . . . . . . . b h o o t

Inside the mirror, Jane found herself in a world that was both familiar and alien. The world was a twisted version of her own, with dark, shadowy versions of her friends and family lurking in the corners. The twisted version of herself led her through the world, showing her all the horrors that lay within.

There were creatures that defied description, monsters that lurked in the shadows, and visions of death and destruction that made Jane want to scream. But she couldn't scream, for in this world, her voice was silenced.

Days turned into weeks, and Jane lost all sense of time. She was trapped in the mirror, tormented by her twisted reflection and the horrors that lurked within. She tried to find a way out, but every time she got close, the twisted version of herself would pull her back, taunting her with promises of freedom that never came.

Eventually, Jane resigned herself to her fate, accepting that she would never escape the mirror. But then, one day, something changed. The twisted version of herself was nowhere to be found, and the world around her began to shift and change.

Slowly but surely, Jane began to see glimpses of her own world. At first, they were just fleeting moments, but as time passed, they became more and more frequent. And then, one day, the mirror shattered, and Jane was free.

She stumbled out of the shards of glass, gasping for breath and blinking in the bright light of her own world. It took her a moment to realize that she was back in her own room, back in the real world.

Jane never spoke of her experience to anyone, fearing that they would think she was crazy. But every time she looked in the mirror, she couldn't help but wonder if the twisted version of herself was still waiting on the other side, ready to drag her back into the horrors that lay within.

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