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The Mystery of the Casa Grande Domes

by Verona Jones 5 years ago in urban legend
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Is it really haunted?

I'm a paranormal freak. I love stories about the paranormal, especially ones that are true ones. My favorite stories are ones based on urban legends. Urban legends like the Mothman or the Haunted Highways are mysterious and fascinating. Mysterious, in that no one knows how they got started, but are prevalent in their geographical area. Fascinating, because so many people have had their own personal experiences, making one wonder if the stories are actually true.

A common urban legend that exists in Arizona concerns the Casa Grande Domes, located just outside of Casa Grande, Arizona off Thornton road. I mean who wouldn't love buildings that look like alien space crafts? The domes were built in 1983 by InnerConn Technology.

InnerConn is a manufacturer of circuit boards for computers and watches. The California based company announced that they were moving their Headquarters to the 135-acre site. The buildings are located off Thornton road near I-8 and are about six hours from Los Angeles, California.

However, the company went bankrupt and Union of California assumed ownership of the company's assets. That included the Casa Grande Domes. The domes have been empty and abandoned since 1983, and some of the buildings are crumbling. The crumbling buildings may have contributed to how the rumors got started. Supposedly, the shape of the domes can also harness energy and that energy can open portals.

Portals that can open doorways to other dimensions, which can allow non-human entities into our world. Many occultists call them demons, but demons in the sense meaning entities not born human, not the religious ones reported in the Bible.

This would fit in with the rumors that the domes were popular for Satanic rituals. It might also explain why a local Satanic priest has also been visiting the site in the hope to release any trapped souls there. Souls that were trapped during the Satanic rituals reported to have taken place there.

Casa Grande Domes

Whatever the rumors, it is also a popular site for teenagers who use the domes to drink beer and start bonfires, while adding to the graffiti on the walls. It is also a great place for the thrill seekers who are looking a remote place to party, and who want to be scared. They go looking for ghosts and spirits.

Voices have been heard at the domes, as well as a mysterious shadow that flits through the desert. In fact, people parked off Thornton Road have reported someone knocking on their car windows. No one saw anyone of course. Just the mystery knocking. There have even been reports about hearing children crying.

Casa Grande Domes at Night

The domes have been fenced off in an attempt to keep out future curious visitors. I, personally, have never gotten to visit the domes, but I have driven by the domes numerous times, and I could definitely feel the weird energy there.

It is a very spooky place, even during the daylight hours and I would love the chance to enter and investigate one day, just to say I have. Plus, I would really like to know the truth. Is the place haunted? Or is it just a spooky place, filled with spooky abandoned buildings?

The Ghost Adventures did get the chance to investigate the site, and according to them? The place was truly haunted. They apparently collected quite a bit of proof that there trapped souls there—well, at least spirits hanging around there.

So, if you are ever near Casa Grande, Arizona? Drive past the domes and see what you feel, but you better hurry, because the Pinal County Board officials have ordered the domes to be demolished. The current owner, Dan Peer of Simplicity Communications, hasn't been given a specific date on when to tear the domes down... yet!

The Pinal County Board declared the site unsafe because a couple of the domes have collapsed. They're worried that with the continued curiosity of the locals, someone will sneak in and wind up getting hurt. The remaining buildings are in pretty bad shape, having been exposed to the severe Arizona weather for the last 45 years.

Apparently, a local Satanic priest has heard about the order, and has been visiting the site hoping to release any trapped souls there. This seems to support the rumors of Satanic rituals being held there, and he wants to release the souls that were trapped during the rituals.

Of course now, I'm curious as to what rituals were held at the domes that would entrap souls in the first place.

Whatever the truth really is, there is no doubt that for as long as the domes continue to stand, there will always be curiosity as to what really happens there. Are there spirits haunting the site, are there trapped souls awaiting release, and what of the shadow? Who and what is he?

Do you dare to see for yourself?

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About the author

Verona Jones

Verona is an aspiring writer living in Tucson, Arizona. She loves to write about urban legends and history. She is a proud member of the Horror Writer's Association (HWA) and the Horror Author's Guild (HAG).

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