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The Mirror In The Hall

This is a conclusion of "Go Ask Alice" and a story for the Vocal "Broken Mirror" Challenge

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 13 days ago 3 min read


This story is a conclusion to "Go Ask Alice" and also an entry to the Vocal "Broken Mirror" Challenge both of which you can read about below.

In The Hall

The mirror showed a reflection that wasn't my own, it needed replacing in that wonderful frame, but just showed shadows. It was an issue with the sivering and the hairline cracks. There were five or six shadows in the mirror, supposedly Alice Lindles captured souls but that was just the ravings of a mad woman's mind.

I picked up the phone, then searched for a mirror specialist and got a phone number. I told them that I had bought a mirror or rather a frame with a faulty mirror that needed replacing. I gave them the measurements and told them I just needed a basic replacement mirror. They told me they could supply bordered glass that would make the whole construction far more impressive and sent me some pictures and videos. I was taken with them, and although it was significantly more expensive I decided to go for it.

When people came into my hall I wanted them to be impressed by everything they saw, and that mirror had to be perfect.

Two Men Come

They came in with the replacement mirror and took the frame with the old mirror off the wall and laid it on a table they had set up in the front room to remove the old mirror with the new one.

They then started pulling the securing nails out so they could take t old mirror out. After the nails, they removed a plywood backing sheet and then they were ready to pull out the old mirror with the flaking silver backing.

Then the glass started vibrating and knocking like it was a door that someone was trying to come through.

Man1: "What the fuck?"

They both watched as the glass vibrated and backed and then shattered in a cloud of powdered glass and lethal shards. They didn't know what was happening.

In Broadmoor Alice Lindle knew, she knew her captured souls were free and she knew they would be seeking vengeance. The men who had unwittingly freed them screamed and the tortured souls tore their bodies apart, as sustenance for their final flight to destroy the one who had kept them imprisoned out of spitefulness and hate.

I ran to the front door and stifled a scream as I saw the lacerated bloody bodies on the floor and six shadows flying through the front window shattering the double-glazed windows.

I called the police. My house was declared a murder scene and I was taken down for questioning under suspicion of murder.

On the news, there were reports of a brutal murder of a Broadmoor patient Alice Lindel, in a locked cell, though no details were released.

She had been flayed and was still alive when the staff opened the door after hearing her screams. Although her windows were barred the glass have been smashed and shards of the glass had been jammed in her mouth and eyes.

There was no sign of anyone having been in the room apart from Alice Lindle. The verdict was death my misadventure.

I was eventually given bail as my only connection to the mirror guys was the fact that I had employed them to replace the glass in the mirror in my hall. The only issue was the horrific result, but I had called the police in and given a totally honest statement, that I heard nothing until the screams of the mirror men.

I suggested that they spoke to the owner of the antique shop in Alnwick but they declined , filing it as another unsolved case, but I believe I and the antique shop owner had a clue to what really happened.


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  • Mariann Carroll13 days ago

    Very creative , I like how you used your trip to Alnwick in your story.

  • Oh no, Alice died! Fantastic story!

  • LIMA13 days ago

    Wonderful Story! Done.

  • Harmony Kent13 days ago

    Ooh, love this, Mike! 💕😊

  • Donna Renee13 days ago

    😱😱😱the part where the glass started vibrating was so creepy! Great job!

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