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The Mirror

A challenge inspired terror tale…

By Christopher “CJ” HerringPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 3 min read
The Mirror
Photo by Harry Cunningham on Unsplash

”The mirror showed a reflection that wasn’t my own!!!” the woman screamed as they put the gurney she was strapped down on into an ambulance. Incidents like that were common at the old inn which was at the end of the paranormal tour. One maid even mumbled and chuckled to herself: “That’s why they be telling they asses don’t lift the cover on that mirror…”.

The newlywed couple nervously smiled at the maid and returned to the inn’s honeymoon suite after all the ruckus had died down. “We paid for a paranormal experience and we certainly got one!” the groom said. The bride rolled her eyes replying: “Probably just a paid entertainer…”. They both quickly went back to looting their gift basket and sipping champagne.

It was to be their last night at the inn after a weekend of touring the city’s most notorious haunted locations. Talking with a mouthful of chocolate covered strawberries the bride mischievously whispered: “Let’s go down there and see for ourselves later.” The groom looked at her and shook his head no and she rolled her eyes again. At that moment she decided she’d sneak downstairs and do it alone.

After yet again consummating their recent wedding vows the groom fell into a deep and snoring sleep. The bride rolled her eyes once again TOO and thought to herself about how for the rest of their lives together she would have to endure listening to that sound at night as she threw a robe over her scant nightie and quickly and quietly crept out of the room. The mirror was just in the basement and although she saw the innkeeper lock the door she had also seen where the key was kept while asking about a recipe for a delicious dish they had been served during their stay.

She went into the kitchen, grabbed the key, and unlocked the basement door. What she hadn’t told her new husband was that she had done her own research about the mirror. It was rumored to give those able to look at it a lifetime of youthful beauty. As a new bride she had never been prettier in her lifetime so it was now or never! A feeling of dread deeper than she had ever felt before seemed to wash over her as she saw the mirror. It was a full standing mirror with a large, black velvet piece of material draped over it. “I’m not going to let their little sideshow trick ME out of at least trying it!” she thought.

Finally she stood in front of the mirror and took a deep breath. She closed her eyes and pulled off the cover. That is when she suddenly felt hands start grabbing and snatching at her! She had read not to open her eyes for ANY reason but she was NOT aware anything like THAT would occur! In shock she opened her eyes and what she saw made her begin to scream… She had never seen anything as horrible in her entire life. She continued to scream and scream and finally after two maids including the one she had heard earlier walked in with eyes closed to recover it STILL gazed into the covered mirror in sheer terror.

The groom had heard her screaming and put his robe on AFTER FINISHING HAVING SEX BEHIND HER BACK WITH ONE OF THE MAIDS. He then leisurely walked downstairs. She was still screaming and now scratching at her own face. In part what she had seen in the mirror was him upstairs doing just that with a maid. He tried to keep a straight face as they strapped her to the same gurney and took her away STILL screaming in the same ambulance.


About the Creator

Christopher “CJ” Herring

Poetry from a Black gay male poet about the alternative lifestyle experience and life in general. Also, creative writing… I enjoy writing challenges!

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