The Lutz Family

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The Amityville Aftermath

The Lutz Family
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A year after the horrific murders occurred the house sat until the Lutz family decided to buy the High Hopes Murder House for $88,000 on December 18, 1975. The furniture from the DeFeo family was still partial in the house which the Lutz family paid an additional $400 as a part of their mortgage. The Lutz family stayed in the High Hopes Murder house for less than 30 days. Even given the history of what happened in the house leading up to their sale. They were determined to make the house a home given its price that they just couldn’t pass up. The Lutz family had a priest come in and bless the house before moving in.

However, that didn’t seem to stop phenomenal entities. George Lutz reports he would wake up every morning at the boathouse around 3:00 Am-3:15 Am which is around the time of the murders. The Lutz family also states that they would have an unbearable fly problem even in the cold months.

Kathy Lutz has stated that she would have nightmares regarding murder on a constant basis. She also mentioned she would always feel as her body was taken over by unseen entities. George and Kathy also would later on go on the record stating they would see images of demons with parts of their heads missing. Which is in direct correlation to Dawn having half of her head blown off.

Their daughter Missy went on to make friends with an imaginary demonic force named “Jodie.” At night the family would claim they would hear the front door slamming shut but when they would go to check things out the door would be closed and there would be no evidence that the door was ever open.

Kathy would later state she had explained bruises found on her body. Also, she levitated two feet in the air. The Lutz family also states that they would see green slime oozing from the wall in the hallways. After all of the above took place in a matter of fewer than 30 days, the family reached out to a priest to come and bless the house again. To their failure That did not turn out in their favor. After the Priest made his appearance to bless the murder house the priest fell sick with high fever, blisters on his palms and other symptoms equal to stigmata which are the mark of the crucifixion.

Lorraine and Ed Warren visited the Amityville House in February of 1976. The Lutz family fled the house on January 14th, 1976. In 2005 Lorraine Warren gave her accounts on that visit back in 1976 at the Amityville house. Stating, the house was just “evil”. Lorraine would go on to say that the house itself is just an evil house. According to Lorraine visiting the Amityville house, evil spirits followed the warrens back to their own home. Lastly, Lorraine states even knowing the history of what happened and how the DeFeo children died and where the Lutz family let them sleep on the same beds.

In conclusion, the Lutz family was not all there in my opinion. Not because they bought the house given the history. The fact they allowed their own children to sleep on the same furniture is beyond me. What is your take on the Amityville Murder House and The Lutz Family?


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