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The light in the Cabin

Welcome to a night you will never forget

By Reem ElhajPublished 2 years ago 6 min read

The cabin in the woods had been abandoned for years, but one night, a candle burned in the window. The light flame burning on the wick looked peaceful, swaying back and forth as if in warning of its capabilities. Seeing that this one candle could illuminate the inside of the cabin, invites visitors in search of safety and warmth from the dark, ominous forest.

Looking into the window, you could see the candle freshly lit, could someone be inside already, you wondered? However, as you looked closer into the window you found no one in sight except a shadow next to the flame. As you tired to make out the figure you realised with black piercing eyes the shadow was looking directly at…you. A sudden chill went down your spine, but you could not look away. The shadow did not move from its position, the only movement it made was a…smile? It was hard to distinguish but it was visible. It was an enormously wide, toothless and dark grin, as if its mouth was the entrance to a never-ending, black hole.

After what seemed like hours upon hours the creature lifted his hand and with its hand commanded you to come forward, all while never breaking the unsettling eye contact. As if compelled, you followed instructions. Your legs were moving without your minds consent. As you moved closer you realised that the shadow was not a shadow…it was a person. She had blonde hair, a slim, fragile-looking body covered by a plain white shirt and black jeans, she wore a little, warm smile on her face but what deceived you were her eyes. They were moonless and gloomy…just like the shadow’s smile.

“Hello” She uttered in a faint whisper that you just barely heard. Her voice was tight and squeaky, as if someone was firmly squeezing her throat.

She looked like she was about to say something else, but she was betrayed by her own body. she dropped to the ground in a coughing fit. Her left hand pressed against her mouth and her eyes tightly shut, looking as if she’s in immense pain. You went to her to see if she was okay but suddenly you sting realising her nails were digging into your flesh, as she grabbed your arm and dragged you down to her level. She parted her hand with her mouth, and you suddenly felt the urge to throw up. Blood. Blood was everywhere. Her hand was engulfed in the thick, red liquid, along with her cheeks, mouth and nose. You could even hear the little drops that escaped the ladies palm, fall to the ground.

“Help me” She tightly squealed again

“He’s back” Over and over she repeated it. You did not know who she was talking about. Who’s back?

You looked around to try and find a cloth or anything to clean up this mess but before you could stand the lady still clinging on to your forearm dragged you even closer until you were in hearing reach, she spoke.

“Don’t. look. Him. In. eye” She wheezed and before you could ask what she was talking about. She was gone. Horror. Shock. Dismay. You didn’t know what you felt, but what you did know was that you needed to get out of here before whoever or whatever the lady was talking about gets here.

The front door is still open. You don’t even think about what could happen, only about what you wanted to happen. You run to the exit only to see the front door closing you attempt to run faster, but you legs could not get there fast enough, how was it closing no one was here, you thought. You attempted to open it, but it was sealed shut. You banged on the door repeatedly, but it was no use. No one was there. Or so you thought.

Footsteps creaked behind you on the wooden planks. Slow but heavy as they grew louder with every step. You did not turn around, remembering what the lady said. Don’t look him in eye. You felt the creature behind you, its ragged, hot breathes on your neck.

“I will not hurt you,” said the preposterous creature in a deep, croaky voice. You felt its hands on your shoulders as it attempted to turn you around. You did not want to oblige however you were too frightened to disobey so you did as you were told.

“I want to show you something” it said as it got you to face it. Your eyes were closed so you could not see what the creature looked like, but you refused to look him in the eye, so your eyes remained closed.

“Open your eyes sweetheart” the creature attempted to sound sweet, but it most definitely did not work, if anything you were more frightened than before. As you disobeyed once more, the creature grew more and more aggravated. You gave him no other choice. Your eyes slowly started to open; you were being compelled again. With no choice but to look at the creature, it was the exact creature you saw next to the candle.

“You stay right here while I perform a magic trick for you, sound good?” The creature said with another horrific smile. You did not reply. But it didn’t seem to care.

The creature slowly made its way to the lady, knelt to her reach, grabbed her by the hair and aggressively lifted her up. Her eyes and mouth wide open while her body stayed limp and still with the faint swaying of the creature being her only movement. The creature turned her to face him, spoke a few unidentified words, and before you could even react, a black shadowed fog was withdrawn from her nose, mouth and eyes and transferred to the creature’s body.

After the lady was emptied of the black fog, the creature dropped her body to the ground and slowly turned its head back to you.

“Would you like to play with me?” It asked.

You tried to run again, hoping this time the escape was successful. But you were once again betrayed as you soon realised you weren’t even on the ground. The creature no longer wore a smile. It looked angry. Very angry.

“You don’t play. Fine, But I want to play” The creature uttered with a mischievous tint. You were turned towards him while his arm was reached out to you. Either controlling you, or eager to get you in arms reach. All while never taking that devilish smirk off its face.

You tried to move but not a single limb wanted to follow. After you were pulled close enough, the creature lifted his hands just above your face as he compelled you once again to look him in the eye. You felt as if every emotion you’ve ever felt and every memory you’ve ever made were being sucked out of you and into this creature. You felt weaker and weaker with every second that passed. You were vulnerable and weak. Nothing you could do could save you and you knew that.

After the creature finished what he started he threw you on the floor seeming rather relieved and refreshed. Your body went limp on the floor, fragile and weak, just like the lady.

The creature walked out of the door and took your being with him.


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