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The Legend Of Madam Koikoi

Tales of Moonlight

By ThePenArtistePublished 3 months ago 4 min read

“With her blood red one-legged heel, that made the dreaded click-clack sounds in the hollow hallways of the boarding school.

We’ve been warned to keep our eyes shut, pretend to be asleep once the lights went out because anyone caught with their eye open when she decides to take her walk would not be able to close them… forever.”

I rolled my eyes dramatically as the story progressed. Nalla was having the time of her life retelling the myth of Madam Koikoi to our roommates before the lights went out. Everyone seemed genuinely terrified as the moon cast a shadow over their faces. I wondered for a brief moment if they truly believed she was real.

The crazed ghost of a dead teacher who haunted students at will in the midnights just for revenge. The story seemed far-fetched, one borne out of the overactive imagination of someone like Nalla.

“This is why you are advised to close your eyes and sleep as soon as it is lights out. To avoid the terrors of the night.” Nalla concluded, glancing satisfactorily at all the faces that stared at her with mild awe… except me.

“You all know this whole tale about Madam Koikoi is bullshit, right?” I asked, laughing. Everyone turned to look at me like I was out of my mind for uttering such a statement.

“How can you say that?” Tiana replied, a look of disappointment on her face.

“Erm, maybe because since this tale has been passed around for decades no one has actually had an encounter with her.” I answered, emphasizing the HER. “That’s because no one has dared to break the rule of closing their eyes after lights out.

“Keep playing. An institution with over 1000 teenagers and you want me to believe everyone is a meek lamb that just follows the rules as they come.” I fired at Nalla.

“Fine, believe what you will. All I know is that Madam Koikoi is real, you can’t change my mind about that.” She answered me in a way that one would respond to a petulant child.

I scoffed and stood up from my chair. “ Of course, each to their own.”

The bell rang just then, signaling the end of ‘Reading Session’. Lights out was in 30 minutes. Everyone stood up with the bell, packing up their bags and getting ready to walk in groups to their respective hostels. We thronged out of the classroom, I took a quick look at Nalla’s face. She looked really annoyed with my interference with her story time and while I didn’t believe a word of the story she told today, I couldn’t deny the fact that she was my friend and I had to apologize for my behavior during the story time.

I walked outside, choosing to wait for her and the rest of the group outside the door. The cold December breeze slapped me coldly across my face and I recalled that it was almost exam season, which also meant I would soon go back home to my family. I missed them more than I would admit to their faces, especially my elder sister who was school in the University of Lagos.

I went back to today’s tale, we had made it an habit to share scary tales few minutes to the end of the reading session. Normally I’d be my fun usual self, but there was just something about the Madam Koikoi tale that got on my nerves unpleasantly.

Every fact about her seemed far-fetched.

The one-legged heel that made noises that made even the strongest pee in their night wear.

The red lips that called lusciously to male and female alike, attracting them to her and running them out of their mind.

The cane she used to punish anyone unlucky enough to get caught in her fabricated net.

It sounded like a tale, teachers from far past fabricated just to scare students into submission. I was not willing to take a part in that.

Nalla walked out with Zoey then, I waited for them to both walk past me, then joined the group. “What happened with you today? You always seem to lose your mind when it comes to Madam Koikoi.” Nalla said.

“I’m sorryyy.” I replied, seeing as my explanation wouldn’t make things better.

“You know, I think the problem with you is that you’ve never experienced her. Maybe if you do, you’d learn or be forced to believe in her existence.” Zoey chipped in, pulling her cardigan close to her.

“But neither have you.” I said, we were getting closer to the hostels now and would soon part ways to go to our respective rooms.

Zoey nodded. “I know she exists though.”

“Fine, since you are so insistent on this. If I experience her, I’d believe in her.”

“Okay then.” Nalla smiled in that wicked way of hers. “Once it is lights out tonight, do not sleep. Keep your eyes open, you should hear her then. But remember to close them as soon as you hear her coming.”

“Okay, I’ll do just that.” I answered, hugging them both and walking to my room.

It was time to experience Madam Koikoi for myself.

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