The Lawrence demon

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This is my first paranormal hunt with my team in a demonically haunted abandon Lawrence Kansas building

The Lawrence demon

honestly after getting my PhD in cryptozoology everyone laughed at me even my own parents said it was a waste of my 4500 dollars, however ever since I was a kid I’ve had a suspicion the paranormal existed.

You see when I was a kid it was a Friday night and it summer the night was oddly cool and once again the weatherman got it wrong, I was 8 years old and asleep in my bed covers up to my neck sleeping like a baby when all of a sudden my door FLUNG OPEN and I snapped upright like a jack in the box and before I covered my head in utter fright I saw briefly a shadow figure standing in the doorway it’s only visibly distinguishing features were it’s eyes, they were as red as wine. My parents heard me scream so they came in and turned on the light the figure vanished and I told them what happened but they just brushed it off as a dream ohhh no, this was no dream and it sparked a life long passion in me

so I went to Georgia and got together with my old pal Steve (a portly red-headed man of 21 years old who often weres red t-shirts and black jeans) and his recently married wife Athena (who mostly weres pink polo tucked into blue joggers) and I recruited them to my team (while she was hesitant Steve always being loyal to me he was on board and thus she followed).

So the three of us we went to investigate a old building in Lawrence Kansas that is said to be supposedly haunted by a demon who was summoned by and killed a cult in the 80s. Now we did have to climb the fence as the property was gated off but when we did that we went to search for the demon. After a good 60 minutes Steve and his wife were starting to get impatient and insisted on leaving due to nothing happening however it was after another 22 minutes that we actually did start experiencing something.

As Steve’s wife demanded we cut our hunt short due to it “being a waste of time” it was then that Steve felt a burning sensation in his arm and when his wife lifted up his sleeve he had three very distinct marks on his arm and then after that a rock was thrown at him nailing him in the face breaking his nose and surprising both me and Steve’s wife. And on top of that we All then heard a very loud screeching sound, it was a sound that was from the deepest depths of hell, and the darkest parts of your nightmares.

Steve and his wife at this point really wanted to leave but me (filled with scientific curiosity) I wanted to stay and hunt more but his wife grabbed me by the jacket and slammed me to the wall taking on a Linda Hamilton kinda thing and DEMANDED THAT WE LEAVE but I just smiled saying “sometimes science has risks” but she then b-slapped me to the ground and and kicked me in the gut.

While this happened The screeching sound grew louder and louder and closer to us and also even even started to hear loud banging sounds accompanying them, so Looking up at Steve (who’s nose was gushing blood like a broken tomato) and his wife with her arm around him, I stood to my feet as the noises and the banging grew closer and closer and closer it was at this point for the good of me and my team we need to get out of there, and that’s exactly what we did.

The Unknown
The Unknown
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