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1. It's Inspired by a Video Game

With a few exceptions (the Tomb Raider franchise comes to mind), video game adaptations do not do well. This one, on the other hand, appears to be unique. The Last Of Us is a taut adaptation that stays faithful to the video game of the same name.

But, because that game is driven on narrative and character development, the adaptation immediately feels more natural. This isn't like Jake Gyllenhaal having to imitate video-game parkour in Prince of Persia. It's just a play brought to reality.

2. The Fungus Exists... In a way

The idea driving the zombie epidemic in The Last Of Us, as revealed in the first few minutes of the show, is that a fungus capable of hijacking insects' motor capabilities evolves to infect people. Fortunately, this is a generally implausible premise, as is the idea that people would transform into evil zombies if the fungus could infect us. Yet, the true fungus - cordyceps - exists. It has the ability to take over the thoughts of ants.

3. The Entire Concept Was Inspired By 'Planet Earth'

Further emphasizing that cordyceps is real is the fact that it first gained public attention via the Planet Earth documentary series. This series depicted the fungus acting on an ant, and is said to have inspired one Neil Druckmann to create the original video game. Mind you, once again, cordyceps is no actual threat to us. It is used in certain medicines, and even in some coffee alternatives people drink for morning energy!

4. The Soundtrack From The Game Is Used In The Program

Gustavo Santaolalla's original soundtrack for the video game has long been loved by fans of the game. They are no doubt grateful that Santaolalla's work was also used for the show. The gifted composer reused the music he produced for the games, along with some changes and new material, to score HBO's drama.

5. The Show's Seasons Are Connected to Specific Games

There are effectively two The Last Of Us video games, not including remastered versions of original releases, and one big Expansion pack. Every indicator points to the presentation being arranged to correspond with these games. That is, season one will cover the game The Last of Us as well as possibly tale aspects from DLC (titled The Last Of Us: Left Behind).

The events of The Last Of Us Part II will thereafter be the focus of the second season. What remains to be seen is whether this is the end. There have been persistent reports that a Part III is in the works, which may entail an additional season of TV as well.

6. Performers in video games are reprising their roles

Here's an interesting The Last Of Us fact that video game fans will appreciate. Another sign that HBO is sticking with the game franchise is that this show will have video-game voice actors reprising their roles. In some circumstances, such as the character Marlene (Merle Dandridge), these performers will play visible, on-screen roles. In others, such as the demonic "clicker" zombies, the actors are just repeating their sounds.

7. The Cast Members Are 'Game of Thrones' Veterans

The Last Of Us has a lot of familiar faces, which is a very clear reality about the show. Actually, the series begins with John Hannah, a well-known actor who has appeared in films ranging from The Mummy franchise to the Starz series Spartacus. Nonetheless, the show's co-stars, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, will be quite familiar to HBO audiences.

Pascal as the enigmatic Prince Oberyn Martell and Ramsey as the precocious Lyanna Mormont are both well-known Game of Thrones characters. Both were fan favourites who died in horrifying ways.

8. Pascal and Ramsey both wanted to wear their Westeros outfits for this series.

Amusingly, in a joint interview about The Last Of Us, Pascal and Ramsey both expressed a desire to have their Game of Thrones clothes with them! When asked what pieces they'd prefer from their GoT set, Pascal said he'd like his gold-hued robe back (the two laughed about how that would go over in the setting of The Last of Us), and Ramsey wished for her former armour.

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