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The last days

"The Transformation of Tom: From Fear to Eternal Life in the Last Days"

By Mike LundgreenPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

The world was ending. It started with a few minor signs, strange weather patterns, odd behavior from animals, and rumors of strange occurrences in far-off places. But as the days passed, the signs became more and more ominous.

It was clear that something terrible was happening, something that would change the course of human history forever. People were frightened, and panic was spreading like wildfire.

Tom was one of the unlucky ones. He lived alone in a small apartment in the heart of the city. When the news of the impending apocalypse broke, he was paralyzed with fear. He had no family, no friends, and nowhere to go.

The first few days were uneventful, but as the end drew near, strange things began to happen. The sky turned a sickly shade of green, and the air was thick with a foul, sulfuric stench. The streets were empty, and the only sounds were the distant cries of the dying.

Tom tried to stay calm, but his nerves were frayed. He spent his days barricaded in his apartment, listening to the eerie silence outside. At night, he would lie awake, listening to the sound of his own breathing and praying that he would make it through another day.

But as the last days approached, something changed. The silence was broken by the sound of scratching at his door. Tom tried to ignore it at first, but it persisted, growing louder and more insistent with each passing moment.

He knew he shouldn't open the door, but the scratching was driving him mad. He had to know what was on the other side.

With trembling hands, he approached the door and slowly unlocked it. As he opened it, a rush of hot, fetid air hit him in the face. He recoiled in horror as he saw what was waiting for him.

It was a creature from some nightmare, a twisted, misshapen thing that had once been human. Its skin was gray and flaking, its eyes were sunken and empty, and its mouth was filled with rows of razor-sharp teeth.

Tom tried to shut the door, but it was too late. The creature forced its way into his apartment, lashing out with its clawed hands. Tom tried to fight back, but he was no match for the thing's strength.

As the creature closed in for the kill, Tom knew that his time had run out. He closed his eyes and waited for the end, but it didn't come. Instead, he felt a strange sensation, as if he was being pulled out of his body.

When he opened his eyes again, he was no longer in his apartment. He was floating in a dark void, surrounded by a thousand glowing eyes.

A voice spoke to him, a voice that was both familiar and alien at the same time. It told him that he had been chosen, that he had been deemed worthy to join them in their new world.

Tom didn't know what to say. He was confused, scared, and more than a little bit insane. But the voice reassured him, promising him that he would be safe, that he would never be alone again.

And so, Tom accepted his fate. He joined the glowing eyes, became part of their collective consciousness, and watched as the last days of humanity came to a close.

The world was destroyed, but Tom had found a new home, a new purpose, and a new family. He had been reborn, transformed into something that was beyond human understanding.

And as the universe blinked out of existence, he smiled, knowing that he had been given the greatest gift of all: the gift of eternal life.


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