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The House in My Dreams

A Random Reoccurring Dream

By ElsaPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
The House in My Dreams
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About a year and a half ago, I bought my own house. I love it, I truly believe that this house was made for me. Anyway, when I first started looking for a home I told my realtor to just make sure that the house was not haunted. To make sure that no deaths had occurred in the house, etc. My realtor did a great job! My house is not haunted and no deaths occurred here. Lately though, I have been having this odd reoccurring dream about a home that is not mine.

It started about 3 months ago. I am a heavy sleeper and I usually dream every night, regular odd dreams, not nightmares. This dream is a nightmare though. The first time it happened, it went like this-

I was in a house. A huge mansion looking house. In my dream I was still living with my family and it was my mom who bought the house. I remember the dream being very dark, like in itself. Just a dark ambiance. It had many doors and very large rooms. In my dream, my siblings and I were unpacking. I didn't feel right. I felt scared. I remember going into the main area of the house and looking up. It was huge, with many different staircases. I felt afraid looking up because I felt a presence looking down at me. I then went to my room and told my family we had to go, that it was not safe there. Then I woke up. I remember waking up being scared, it felt so real.

Then it happened again. It was again a large house with many doors. I was in there by myself although I could hear people laughing nearby. I pushed the big heavy door and let myself into the main area. I just call it the main area but it's the space when you enter a house and you can see it all? If that makes sense. It was again very dark inside and I again felt scared. I start to go up the staircase and the voices I heard laughing start to fade. I get to the very top of the stairs and I reach the attic. I again feel scared to my bones. I know there is something behind the attic door looking at me, waiting for me. I then wake up in a jolt.

A few weeks go by and the dream happens again. It is the same house. A large mansion. In the dream it is my house. I am frantic in my dream. I remember my mom and sisters being there with me and looking annoyed. I was telling them that I can't live there anymore by myself. That I don't know why I bought such a big house! I begged my mom to stay the night and she said she couldn't. They kept saying everything was fine and that I was just overreacting. I was terrified in the dream. I then walk down a long corridor and get to this basement door. It is old and molded. I sense something behind the door. Something mocking me. As soon as I place my hand to pull the door open, I wake up in a cold sweat.

The next time it happens, it is the same house but this time it's in Mexico. I am in the living room surrounded by doors and staircases. I see my aunt that lives in Mexico and she told me she would be back. I was afraid that she was leaving me alone in the house. I then remember turning up the tv so that I had some noise. I hear a creaking sound and the day turns to night in an instant. I hear the creaking noise again and my heart starts beating quicker and quicker. I get up from the couch and go down a long corridor and reach the old, molded basement door. I feel so afraid and start to shake. I place my hand on the door and I wake up instantly.

This last time it happened, it started just like all the other times. In a large mansion, old, scary, and dark. I was with my family again and we were watching tv. I felt scared and uneasy. I then heard a creaking noise. I ignored it and it happened again. I get up from the couch and follow the long corridor down to the basement. I am in front of the door again and I think to myself in my dream. "It's only a dream, pull the door open!" I am scared though. I feel something on the other side of the door. Something evil. I swallow my fear and I place my hand on the door again and then wake up in an instant. When I woke up, I was relieved but also kinda pissed. I wanted to see what was behind that door! I told myself "I am going back to sleep and I will open that door." I fell asleep but my dream changed.

I have not had that dream since then. I am not sure what it means but it does make me feel uneasy and scared. I haven't seen a house like that in real life. Perhaps I have been watching too many scary movies or listening to too many scary podcasts. I hope that's the case. I really don't want to know what is behind that door nor do I want to have that dream again. I am so thankful that my house is light and loving. I'm safe here with no scary stairs or moldy old basement doors.

To be continued? I hope not but we shall see....


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