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The Haunting Shadows of Family Secrets: A Tale of Betrayal and Healing


By Shamshath BegamPublished about a month ago 3 min read

In a house there lived two fathers, grandfather and father. If father's daughter went to school, when she came home from school,

the bus stopped in front of her house as usual, instead of stopping in front of her house, there was no one there to help her. Her aunt was another person who worked there.

When they saw her, they frowned and looked at her as to why she had come here.

After a while, a lot of people who were relatives and friends came in. She quickly went to her aunt. My dress is torn. Her great-grandfather's daughter asked her to take her dress.

When she went to pick it up, her aunt told her grandmother that I will take it, and when she went to take it away, she took whatever was very old from the clothes there, thinking that it was not good enough for this torn cloth.

If you buy it thinking that it is okay, if you go to a half to wear it, but there was a 24-year-old young man there, and there was a 24-year-old boy, and she told him, I will not go. He shouted quickly.

Hearing this, her eyes started to get confused. She said that we have no right in our grandpa's house. She went to another room with her eyes confused, but there are people there too.

When we came to the fence and asked her loudly where should I change her clothes, she quickly replied that there is a half here and go here and change and kill her.
Come and leave before your grandmother comes, he said.

When she came to pacify her he left saying that there are many things in the room where you went first and if anything goes missing they will blame you that's why I stopped you from going there.

All the people who came there were eating and no one asked her to eat, she said that she could not go outside but stay inside and then come outside.

Everyone had eaten and left to go for a picnic outside. When she came outside, her grandmother was the only one there.

After a while I heard some noise there, I went to the kitchen and there was no one there, when I came out I realized that something was wrong and came outside quickly.

But Grandmother I can't come, I don't tell you to come, I'm scared, come on your own, if you tell her to come, she screamed inside, Grandmother was swinging inside the room.

Before taking her home, if she said that she wanted to go somewhere else, she asked where she wanted to go.

It is said that if she saw her great grandmother swinging, then the Atman Lake would be lost in her, if she renounced the Atma and went to Pawar and told her what had happened, she would heal her.

They understood that the spirit has been living on her for a long time and it shows its work only when no one is at home. If Eni thinks of her as her own daughter and behaves kindly towards that girl


In a heartwarming conclusion, recognizing the girl's struggle, embraces her as her own daughter. With compassion and kindness, sister helps the girl heal from the haunting spirit. Through nurturing care and understanding, creates a safe haven where the girl finds solace and belonging. Together, they overcome the darkness that once loomed over the house, forging a bond of love and protection. As the girl blossoms under Eni's guidance, the spirit fades into obscurity, leaving behind a legacy of resilience and familial warmth.


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  • Shamshath Begam (Author)29 days ago

    Thank you so much

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