The Haunting of Fordham University (Pt. 1)

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Are ghosts stalking students at an NYC college?

The Haunting of Fordham University (Pt. 1)

"Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win," Stephen King has said. Who better than the King (pardon the pun) of horror to bring us into a ghost story? In New York City, there are plenty of scary tales to tell. Rent for apartments is enough to create an entire horror movie franchise from, but the real scares come from a local University. Fordham University is known as a school of excellence in academic, it is also known as a school where the ghosts will come for you. Here are just some of the ghosts and paranormal events that have happened in the school's dorms in the Bronx!

O'Hare Hall

A construction worker had a heart attack and fell as this building was being erected. Students have reported that they have heard constructions sounds at night while they are trying to study and/or sleep. Whatever college students do these days. Is the fallen worker trying to finish the job or is he trying to bring the building that killed him down? No one is quite certain, but as of yet, no one has been hurt. None of the students talked to for this story reported feeling threatened or even like there was a vicious presence around. Yet the noise continues to this day.

Finlay Hall

Finlay Hall is one of the dorms that directly dealt with dead bodies at one point in its existence. Prior to being a dormitory, the building served as a morgue and housed dead bodies. If the people who decide what to do with each of these building had ever watched a horror movie, there is no way that they would have turned it into a place where students live.

There have been many reports of students waking up and not being able to breathe. Some might argue that it's the stress of classes and worrying about the next exam, but many swear that it felt as if someone was trying to choke the life out of them. One student recalled waking up and seeing a hand of the ghost on his throat, and struggling to stay alive. Many of these incidents go unreported because there is a fear that they won't be believed. Ghosts aren't real right? At least not until one tried to kill you in your sleep.

Loyola Hall

This residence is home to "the best room on campus" according to Father Joseph McShane. That might be the case, but there is so much more going on in this hall than what is being talked about. Sure, the view is excellent but what about the ghostly happenings that it seems the higher ups in the administration want to downplay.

One of the stories that have been recounted is very similar to the one in O'Hare Hall. Construction noises are heard but there is no work being done, and it happens mostly at night. Maybe the ghosts think they are working for the MTA, or perhaps not because then no work would be getting done. There have also been accounts of closet doors opening and closing on their own. At least these ghosts don't seem as violent as the ones in Finlay Hall. So far.

There are so many more ghost stories to tell about this university. The strange thing is that not every student asked knew about these stories. While it seems improbable that these urban legends aren't widely known among the student body, it is important to note that most of them are based around The Bronx and not the Manhattan campus. When asked about these stories, Kelly Privette answered, "I haven't heard... scary!"

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