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The haunted sanitorium

Horror Story 06

By AshDream_StoryPublished about a year ago 4 min read

It was an old sanitorium, abandoned for times. The walls were worsening, and the windows were shattered. The sign outside was faded and slightly readable. The locals avoided the place, calling it cursed. They bruited about the strange goods that happened within its walls, and the shadowy figures that floated its halls at night.

But curiosity got the swish of a group of immatures grown- ups. They decided to explore the abandoned sanitorium, allowing it would be pleasurable and provocative. They crept through the broken windows and into the darkness.

As they walked down the empty hallways, they felt a bite in the air, and a sense of apprehension settled over them. They inked it off, allowing it was just their imagination. But also, they heard a sound, a faint

whisper coming from nearly down the hall. They set, listening hard. The whisper grew louder, and they could make out words.

" Get out."

The group looked at each other in fear. They knew they should leave, but commodity was holding them there. They continued down the hallway, towards the source of the growling. The sound grew louder, and they could now hear a low groaning coming from the same direction.

As they turned the corner, they were met with a horrifying sight. The room ahead was filled with sanitorium beds, each one enthralled by a decaying corpse. The air was thick with the reek of death, and the walls were covered in a sickly green earth. The group tried to run, but commodity was holding them back, pulling them towards the room.

They screamed in terror as they were dragged toward the room, and also suddenly, everything went dark.

When they woke up, they were lying on the sanitorium beds, with IVs hooked up to their arms. They tried to scream, but their voices were weak, slightly audible. They were trapped, and they knew it.

Days turned into weeks, and the group lost all track of time. They were left alone in the sanitorium, with nothing but their own studies to keep them company. They heard strange noises at night, and the bruiting continued, always telling them to" Get out."

But they couldn't escape. The sanitorium was now their prison, and they were its rearmost victims. They tried to find a way out, but the doors and windows were all locked, and there was no way to break through them.

As the weeks turned into months, the group began to lose their reason. They saw murk moving in the darkness and heard way echoing down the empty halls. They knew they were not alone in the sanitorium, but they couldn't see their persecutors.

One by one, the group began to evaporate, until there was only one person left. They knew their fate was sealed, and they waited for the ineludible end.

And also, one day, the sanitorium was gone. The authorities had ultimately discovered the group's whereabouts, and they had demolished the old structure. The last survivor was set up, slightly alive, and taken to the sanitorium for treatment.

But the survivor was in no way the same. They were visited by the remembrances of their time in the sanitorium and the ghosts that still dallied there. They would wake up in the middle of the night, screaming and thrashing, reliving the horror of their captivity.

The haunted sanitorium was gone, but its heritage lived on in the minds of those who had been trapped within its walls. They would noway forget the terror they had endured and the horror that had consumed them.

Indeed, after the sanitorium had been demolished, strange goods continued to be in the area. The locals would report seeing ghostly figures walking along the expressways at night, and hail creepy whispers coming from the empty lot where the sanitorium had formerly stood.

Some claimed that the spirits of the sanitorium's victims still dallied in the area, unfit to find peace indeed in death. Others believed that commodity darker and further nasty had been awakened by the sanitorium's annihilation, and was now stalking the expressways at night.

The last survivor of the sanitorium remained haunted by their experience for the rest of their life. They came reclusive and withdrawn, unfit to shake the remembrances of their captivity. They would constantly wake up in the middle of the night, screaming and thrashing, reliving the horror of their time in the sanitorium.

Despite times of remedy and medicine, they could noway fully escape the trauma they had endured. The sanitorium had left an endless mark on their psyche, and nothing could abolish it.

In the times that followed, further and further people reported strange happenings in the area. The whispers grew louder, the murk grew darker, and the sense of apprehension that had always girdled the sanitorium only sounded to consolidate.

Some believed that the area had come cursed and that no one would ever be suitable to live there in peace. Others simply avoided it altogether, unintentionally to trouble falling prey to the nasty forces that sounded to have taken up roof in the abandoned sanitorium's wake.

But no matter what people believed, one thing was certain- the haunted sanitorium would always be flashed back as one of the most intimidating places in the area's history. Its heritage would live on, long after its physical presence had been canceled from the terrain.

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