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The Haunted Pond in Barcelona

Mystery in the Barcelona Outskirts

By Inspire & EngagePublished about a month ago 5 min read

Just beyond Mirzangar Field, across the Kananadi River, lies a notorious pond. The locals of this region avoid it at all costs. This is the infamous pond of Surukkhana. Surrounded by a dense bamboo grove, the pond's dark waters are teeming with fish, yet no one dares to catch them. It is said that not even kingfishers take fish from this pond, and snakes do not hunt frogs here. Attempts by some tribal folks and wandering Bedouins to reside near the pond and dispel its bad reputation have always ended in failure. Those who spent a night nearby reported terrifying experiences.

But this is not the story of the pond. It is the story of Harihar, who was traveling from Mushkhana Mathurapur in Burdwan to his sister’s house. Having not heard from her for a long time, he grew anxious upon hearing rumors of her serious illness. Without delay, he wrapped two handfuls of puffed rice in a towel and set out for her home.

Harihar's path took him past the dreaded Surukkhana and through Balidanga Field, both of which were considered dangerous. However, crossing Balidanga Field was the quickest route to his sister’s house. Taking any other path would mean an additional three to four miles and would delay his arrival until nightfall. Thus, after much internal debate, Harihar decided to brave Balidanga Field.

The field, long abandoned due to ghostly infestations, lay desolate and expansive under the scorching summer sun. Harihar reassured himself that there was no need to fear in daylight. Ghosts, if they existed, would surely not appear in broad daylight. Besides, if they did, it would be a rare opportunity to see a ghost with his own eyes.

With these thoughts, Harihar pressed on. His mind was heavy with worry for his sister, who had fallen seriously ill within a year of her marriage. Hurrying through the field, he suddenly felt as if someone was following him. He glanced back but saw no one. Ignoring the sensation, he continued.

Suddenly, a figure blocked his path. A farmer with a sickle stood before him, a cloth tied around his head. In a stern voice, the farmer asked, "Hey young man, where are you going, crossing Balidanga Field in this scorching midday?"

Harihar replied, "My sister is very ill. I am going to see her."

"Why didn't you take another path?" the farmer asked.

"If I take another route, it will be night before I reach her house," Harihar explained. "Her illness is quite severe."

"It's not as bad as you think," the farmer said. "She had a fever, but she’s better now. Don't go any further. Turn back the way you came. Either take the long way or go back home."

"How can I do that, brother?" Harihar protested.

"Listen to me," the farmer insisted. "Our meeting is in progress now. Going further will cause problems. Your sister is fine."

Harihar, undeterred, said, "I cannot return now. I will go, come what may."

Without waiting for a response, Harihar continued. As he walked, a chill ran through him. Ahead, under an ancient banyan tree, he saw shadowy figures gathered in a circle, with a shadowy figure wearing a necklace of bones sitting in the center. Could this be the king of ghosts? They must be ghosts, for they had no bodies, only shadows.

The ghostly king glared at Harihar and asked, "Who are you? Why have you interrupted our meeting?"

Terrified, Harihar stammered, "I had no choice but to take this path. I mean no harm. I am just passing through."

"Didn’t my man warn you not to come this way?"

"Yes, but I didn’t know he was your man," Harihar replied.

"He is my man," the ghostly king declared.

With a wave of his hand, the ghostly figures vanished. A cool breeze blew through the scorching field. Harihar realized he had made a grave mistake.

Fear gripped Harihar, but he overcame it. For the first time in his life, he had seen ghosts in broad daylight. Who would believe him? Yet, whether others believed it or not, Harihar knew the truth. Ghosts existed.

He reached his sister's house before dusk. Upon hearing his story, his sister’s in-laws scolded him. They said, "You did a foolish thing, Harihar. Why did you take that path? And why did you ignore the farmer's warning? Now that you’ve incurred their wrath, who will protect you?"

His sister added, "I wasn't seriously ill, brother. Just a slight fever. I was upset because we hadn’t heard from you in a long time. I told a villager who was going your way to tell you I was on the verge of death if he saw you. You came running for nothing."

That night, Harihar fell seriously ill, vomiting blood and raving with fever. The next morning, his sister's family sent him back to his village in a bullock cart.

Harihar’s condition worsened. Despite numerous doctors, healers, and rituals, nothing worked. Finally, his family found a powerful exorcist.

The exorcist declared, "I can free him from this ghost. It is a fierce spirit, very angry."

The exorcist’s rituals worked temporarily, but as soon as he left, the ghost returned. Frustrated, the family begged the exorcist for a permanent solution. The exorcist vowed, "I will give him a protective amulet. No ghost will dare come near him."

The exorcist’s amulet indeed kept the ghost at bay, and Harihar recovered. The exorcist's fame spread far and wide for defeating such a powerful spirit.

But one evening, the ghosts confronted the exorcist in an empty field. They said, "Exorcist, you have meddled with us too much. Return our prey to us."

The exorcist refused, saying, "I cannot. I have given my word. Find another victim."

The ghosts threatened his son. "We will harm your only son if you do not comply."

The exorcist stood firm, saying, "My reputation is at stake. I cannot undo what I have done."

The ghosts attacked his son that very night, causing him to fall seriously ill. The exorcist, fearing for his son’s life, returned to Harihar and replaced the powerful amulet with a weaker one, secretly taking back the original.

As soon as the exorcist left, Harihar collapsed, his face contorting in agony as invisible hands choked him. His family watched in horror as he vomited blood and died.

The exorcist's reputation remained intact, but he lost his son. The ghosts' vengeance had claimed their prey, and peace was restored to Balidanga Field, albeit at a terrible cost.


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