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The Eyes

Windows to the Soul

By Kamran AlamPublished 25 days ago 3 min read

The narrator is rushing to get a job interview, but is startled by a knock on the door and finds no one on their stoop. They find a mismatched looking amulet with a large purple-green stone encased in gold and a torn-out notebook paper with a message: "Your gonne need this." They wrap the chain around their fingers and walk towards downtown, taking advantage of the cool autumn breeze.

As they walk, they encounter a strange looking man who attacks them. The first man holds them around their body and arms, and through their fighting, he throws them at the ground. The narrator braces for impact, but it never comes. The narrator's life is a stark contrast to the bleak and dreary world they have been living in.

The narrator finds themselves in a dark alley, surrounded by a monstrous blue eye hanging above a large door. They feel dread and fear, but manage to open the door and find themselves beneath it. The room around them is filled with dark red, lit by single candles, and a monstrous blue eye. The narrator is filled with dread and fear, but eventually manages to open the door.

The next room is smaller and more dreary, with a plethora of tools scattered along the wall. The narrator questions the purpose of these tools and feels weak, drained of strength by door after door stealing life from their body.

Despite the fear, the narrator gives everything they have left to the opening of the door and sees a clock above the door. They feel as if they have been there for hours or days, and they rush back to the table.

In the crazed state, the narrator pulls out an amulet from their jacket pocket, a jeweler's glass, and holds one side of it to the stone. The narrator's right eye moves slowly towards the glass, and an image appears in their mind: an old man with a scepter.

The protagonist feels uneasy and weak in a room where they are constantly being watched. They try to open the door, but they fail to do so, and they see a clock above the door. They feel like they have been there for hours or days, and they still have an interview to attend.

As they return to the table, they find a strange amulet wrapped around themselves and a jeweler's glass. They hold one side of the glass to the stone, and an image appears in their mind: an eye rolled upwards just slightly. The waterline is flooded with blood, and the crimson drips down from there.

The amulet and glass fall to the ground, and the protagonist's hands quiver in front of their face. They cannot see them, but they can feel the truth of what has happened. They remember the key on the table and recognize their stupidity. They try to find the table, but they hit it abruptly and adjust their movements to be more softer. They try to match unfamiliar shapes with images on the tabletop.

Eventually, the key is found, and they make their way towards the door. They struggle with finding the shape of the doorknob, the proper orientation of the key, the position of the keyhole, and the motion of the door itself. On the other side of the door, they feel the warmth of real sunshine on their skin.

With their mind unoccupied, the pain comes back at full force, and they fall to their knees. They know they are late, and they are left without any idea where they are, what has happened to them, or if they are alive. Sobs fill the air, as they know they must be late.

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