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The Exorcist Reboot Is Under Production For a 2021 Release Date

The Exorcist Reboot

By Jack thomsonPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

The Exorcist is said to be rebooted, and the production studio is scheduling it to release in 2021. The Exorcist served some best movie series to its audience from 1973. The franchise had set high bars for other movies in the horror genre. However, the franchise is coming back after a long time. In this article, we will try to discuss more information regarding the upcoming film of the series.

Exorcist is an American paranormal horror film series, which consists of five movies based on the novel named The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty in 1971. The film was distributed by 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. Pictures. The film collected an overall gross of $661 million worldwide. The first film in the series was released on 26th December 1973 and became one of the iconic horror movies of all time. The second film in the franchise was released on 17th June 1977 titled The Exorcist II: Heretic. However, the success rate lagged much behind than the original. Then after thirteen years on 17th August 1990, the third part that is The Exorcist III came out. On 20th August 2004 the franchise released its prequel as Exorcist: The Beginning. Paul Schrader directed the movie, but the studio was very unsatisfied with the product. And hence the whole film was redirected by Renny Harlin. Schrader’s version was a limited release. The Harlin’s version was titled as Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist and was released on 20th May 2005. And now 20th Century Fox Television is all set to release a reboot series after fifteen years in 2021. William Friedkin directs the Exorcist reboot.

William Friedkin is an American TV and film producer, director, and screenwriter. He started his career with documentaries in the 1960s. William is one of the best directors for filming thrillers and supernatural movies. He created The French Connection in 1971, The Exorcist in 1973, The Boys in the Band in 1970, Sorcerer in 1977, psychological horror film named bug in 2006, dark comedy Killer Joe in 2011, and many more.

Friedkin moved to Hollywood, and after two years he released his first feature film titled Good Times starring Cher and Sonny. Then he made The Birthday Party, which was based on an unpublished screenplay by Harold Pinter. Friedkin directed The Exorcist in 1973, which was the adaptation of the best selling novel. The film was nominated for 10 Academy Awards and won two of them including Best Sound Mixing and Best Adapted Screenplay. It was the highest-grossing R-rated supernatural horror film until the movie It in 2017. Since then, the franchise has provided multiple installments, but gradually the filmmakers were not able to provide the audience with the right quantity of entertainment. The third sequel of the franchise that was The Exorcist III created a considerable hype before its release, as it was the first release after thirteen years. But the film failed to impress audiences as well as critics.

The Exorcist is finally again returning to the cinema halls. According to the sources of the deadline, it is another big project Morgan Creek Entertainment is working on other than the Dead Ringers TV show. And they are planning to release the movie as soon in the year 2021. The franchise has not released any film series in the past fifteen years. Still, it did release some television series in the year 2016 of the same-named The Exorcist and managed to release two seasons. A play was also conducted in Los Angeles in 2012 based on the 1971 novel. This is the perfect time to release a horror reboot series.

But the question is what will the franchise serve to its fans in the upcoming movie and how will the film receive the responses in the current trends. Filmmaking and also the audience has changed a lot in the past decade, so it would be an advantage if they use modern direction. They can also release the content as television shows. However, The Exorcist will create much hype around it until its release. Now the time will suggest if the movie will be a hit or audience will again reject it. I hope you liked the article and have a good time reading it.

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