The Dog

by Michael Hawkins 2 years ago in fiction

A man with a love for canines gets a surprise one night.

The Dog

After returning home from working late, Mack took a bottle of beer from the refrigerator before sitting in his recliner and turning on the TV. Watching a show about wolves, Mack began to think of what it would be like to hang around with wolves. It's been feeling quite lonely since his dog died not too long ago. He then thought of getting another one in the morning. After finishing his bottle, Mack leaned the recliner back and closed his eyes. Eventually, he began dreaming. In his dream, he stepped out from his house to go for a walk but stopped when a silver-grey wolf came out of the woods nearby. His breath shuddered with excitement as he watched the wolf sniff the ground. His eyes explored the wolf's body, mesmerized by the color of its fur, the hazel color of its eyes, and the fangs.Feeling overwhelmed with excitement, Mack began howling as loud as he could, drawing the wolf's attention towards him. The wolf began making a rather strange sound as if it was yelping and coughing at the same time while twitching its head in an odd way. It stopped just as Mack finished howling. Confused for a moment, Mack howled again, hoping it would howl with him this time.Again the wolf twitched its head and began making that sound again before it stopped so suddenly and rushed at him, this time barking and snarling. Mack quickly rushed back inside and shut the door, hearing a loud thump. He heard the wolf snarling and clawing at the door, attempting to break in.He looked through the door window as the wolf continued leaping at the door. Its eyes began glowing red as it bared its fangs at Mack. He moved away from the door, scratching his head in confusion. The wolf began to whimper and the scratches on the door grew less and less. Everything began to fade to black but the whimpering and the scratches continued.Mack opened his eyes and saw that he was still in his recliner. He heard the whimpering and soft scratches coming from the front door. Getting up, Mack walked over to the door, peaked through the window, and saw that on the porch was a big, black dog. The dog whined and softly scratched the door. Mack then opened the door and knelt before the dog. "Hey," he said softly. "Where did you come from?"The dog hung its head low and uttered a low whine. Mack then touched its muzzle gently and lifted its head, seeing that its eyes were closed. "Everything will be alright," he said to it. The dog opened its eyes, revealing two red glowing eyes similar to the wolf's from Mack's dream. Mack pulled away, gasping as he looked at its eyes. Suddenly, the dog bared its fangs, snarling, before it lunged at him, tackling him to the ground. He kept his hand against its throat, struggling as it snapped its jaws at his face. When he got the chance, Mack used both hands to throw the dog off him and began crawling quickly towards the table where his shotgun lied.He fell forward, screaming in pain, as he felt a sharp piercing feeling in his tendon as the dog bit deeply into him. The dog aggressively began pulling him away from the table and towards the door, growling. Mack screamed, more in fear than in pain now, as he helplessly struggled to get away from this dog. He couldn't believe how strong this dog is as it pulled him closer to the doorway, scaring him even more. As he came through the doorway, he grabbed hold of the door frame and tried hanging on for dear life as the dog pulled much harder now, its fangs digging deeper into him. He lost his grip and he slid into the night, his screams fading into the darkness.

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