Descending Trilogy: Descending Into Darkness

by Michael Hawkins 2 years ago in fiction

This is not a choose-your-own adventure. You are taking the role of an unknown character who is losing their mind as the fabrics of fantasy and reality are tearing apart and you are witnessing it through their eyes. So before you read, close your eyes and imagine yourself as the character, then take on the descending journey in the trilogy.

Descending Trilogy: Descending Into Darkness

You woke up to the sound of your alarm clock going off and you slammed your hand on the snooze button. You yawned and looked at the clock and saw that it was 8:30 in the morning. Realizing you were late for work, you stumbled out of bed and scrambled onto your feet as you went for your dresser. As you were putting your leg into your pants, you struck your knee on the dresser. You cursed as you hopped on one leg, clutching your knee while wincing in pain. As you struggled to put your other leg into your pants, you were brushing your teeth furiously with the toothbrush you didn't bother to put back in the bathroom with the remaining toothpaste that was on the brush. You stopped brushing for a moment just to pull your pants up with both hands. When you pulled your pants up, you quickly put your socks and shoes on and ran out of the bedroom. You finished brushing your teeth and quickly rinsed your mouth in the kitchen. Knowing you didn't have enough time to fix yourself anything to eat, you grabbed a couple of Pop-tarts from a box and ran out the door. You went to get in your car but the doors were locked and you dug your hands into your pocket to take out the keys, only to realize you left your keys back inside. You swore under your breath and you went back inside, grabbed your keys, and went back out. You got in the car and drove to work. You went to look at your watch, only to realize you left that back home. You slapped the steering wheel in frustration before you arrived at work. After arriving, you quickly walked inside, looked at the clock in the lobby, and saw that it was 8:45. You went for the elevator and you saw that your boss was standing there, glaring at you. You walked into the elevator and stood next to him as the two of you were heading up.

"You're late again." he said.

You nodded and apologized.

"Were you out partying late last night?" he asked you.

You shook your head and apologized again and told him it wouldn't happen again. He then nodded.

"Alright. Don't let it happen again," he said to you before the elevator doors opened and you stepped out. You walked through the maze of cubicle offices and you entered your cubicle office when you found it. You rearranged your workspace since you forgot to do so after hearing about a couple of complaints that your cubicle office was a pigsty. You sighed in annoyance at the thought of those complaints as you rearranged things. You wondered who was complaining about your cubicle office and you thought of confronting them when you left work. After you finished rearranging everything, you started working. For two hours, you focused on your work when you felt something light hit you in the back of the head. Brushing the back of your head, you looked to see what it was and you saw that it was a crumbled up ball of paper. You then heard a soft "Psst" behind you and you looked to see a man with a slightly bald spot on his head waving at you. "You got anything planned for tonight?" he asked you. You shook your head and he then spoke, "There's a special party going on at Club Darkness. You should go." You told him you would think about it. "Here, let me write the address down," he said before he took out a piece of paper and a pencil and scribbled the address down. He handed you the paper. You took it and looked at the paper which read "840 Pepper Street." You looked back at him and thanked him. He smiled. "Just be there at seven tonight. I'm Dave, by the way."

You introduced yourself before you went back to work. At 5:59, you finished your work before you stood up and started to leave. You walked into Dave, who was also leaving. He smiled and spoke, "Just remember, seven. It's going to blow your mind." You went down in the elevator and started walking through the lobby when you heard your boss calling out to you. You turned to look and you saw him walking over to you. He stopped short in front of you. "I want those files brought on my desk when you get in tomorrow." he said to you.

You nodded and told him that you'd take care of it. He went to leave but then he stopped and turned back towards you.

"Oh, by the way, I went by your cubicle and I see that you cleaned your workspace and rearranged everything. That's good because I've gotten tired of the endless complaints. Please try to keep it that way."

You promised him that you would do your best. He then turned and left and you walked out of the building. You shook your head in annoyance and you thought of asking him who was complaining about your workspace but you decided it was best not to, as you figured you would find out eventually on your own. As you approached your car, you heard someone else call out to you and you turned around to see a red-haired woman walking out of the building and coming towards you. You groaned as you noticed her to be snotty with everyone. She would've been your type of woman if it wasn't for her attitude. She stopped in front of you. "I see you finally got your workspace rearranged. I can stop complaining now." You asked her what her deal was with you and she just smirked, "You're a lazy bum. You come to work, make a mess in your cubicle office, and you leave. This is not a farm." You remarked that, if it was, she'd either be a horse or a jackass or maybe a chicken, since she has a tendency to lay eggs everywhere she goes. She glared at you. "If I was running this business," she said tensely through gritted teeth, "you would've been fired and tossed out into the streets in an instant."

You then pointed out that, if she was running this business, she'd be out of business in a short period of time because no one would want to work with a brat like her. You then turned your back on her and got in your car as she continued to bicker at you, though you ignored her. You cranked the car and backed up, giving her the finger as you backed out in your car. She just smirked sarcastically at you as you left. You thought of getting back at her when you got to work, maybe sneaking into her office when she wasn't there and making a mess in her office and letting her be dealt with by the boss. You grinned at the thought of it as you continued to drive home. When you came home, you took a shower, put on some casual clothes, and you fixed yourself something to eat. After eating, you checked your watch and decided to leave. You got in your car and you left. You remembered the address Dave wrote to you and you eventually found a building with a sign saying "Club Darkness" and you parked your car. You got out and walked to the door. A burly man walked out and folded his arms when he saw you walking up. You noticed that he had a badge on his shirt and realized he was a bouncer. "Got ID?" he asked you. You nodded and you took out your wallet and showed your ID to him. He looked at it, then looked at you, and then he nodded and handed the wallet back to you. You walked in and you saw a large crowd gathered in, some playing games, some drinking, and the rest were socializing near the stage. You heard someone hollering out to you and you saw Dave come out of the crowd. "You made it just in time. They're about to start." he said. The lights started to dim and the crowd cheered. Black light started to appear onstage and you saw a man on stage wearing black and white makeup on his face. He glared at the screaming crowd before he brought the microphone to his face. You saw what appeared to be blood gushing out of his mouth and then he screamed at the microphone with his tongue sticking out. As soon as he screamed, lights flashed, revealing that he was part of a heavy metal band, and the band started playing hardcore metal music. The crowd jumped, screamed, and danced as the band performed. You walked over to the bar and you ordered yourself a drink. You watched as the concert was going on and Dave came up to the bar, laughing. He slapped you on the back. "I told you it would blow your mind, didn't I?" he said. You just nodded and sipped a bit of your drink. Throughout the whole concert, you took shots with Dave and others, trying new alcohol beverages that Dave kept ordering from the bar. After taking enough shots, you ordered yourself a Jack Daniels whiskey and as you were getting a glass of Jack Daniels, Dave and the others cheered their heads off and you looked to see what was happening. You saw the lead singer of the band climbing onto one of the amps, carrying a large bottle in his hand.

He then shook it hard and pointed it at the crowd. As soon as he popped the lid, red liquid sprayed out at the crowd. He then threw the bottle into the crowd. As random people in the crowd caught the bottle, they would shake it even more and spray each other with it. Two of the band members began throwing additional bottles to the crowd and soon everyone was spraying one another with the red liquid. Dave handed you a bottle that he caught. "Come on, man. Have some fun," he said to you. As he sprayed himself, you shook the bottle and sprayed yourself. You then smelled the liquid and it smelled like cherries to you. You took a sip and you drank some of the liquid and it tasted like carbonated cherry soda. You then tasted a bit of something bitter in the liquid and so you spat it out and got rid of the taste with the Jack Daniels you ordered. Dave saw you drink the red liquid and he laughed at your reaction. "Taste good, don't it?" he said to you. You flipped him off and he laughed even more. At two in the morning, you were taken home by Dave and some of the new friends you made as you were too drunk to drive home. You were helped inside and you were dropped onto your bed and your friends left. You fell asleep seconds later, after they left. You woke up and saw that you were in a forest and it was dark. A full moon was slowly rising behind the trees and the wind wass softly blowing through the forest. You are both confused and scared because you didn't know where you were or how you even got there and so you decided to start walking. In the back of your mind, you thought that there might have been some drugs in that red liquid you drank at the club, which would explain why it tasted so bitter. You thought of asking Dave if he knew what was in the liquid when you got back. That is, if you ever got back. You then began to think maybe he was the one who drugged you. Whatever it was, it would have to wait until you found a way out of this place. As you walked, you looked around nervously, as you were hearing sounds unknown to you. You heard faint howls that sounded unearthly to you, moans nearby like animals, rustling in bushes as a fox or something was hiding from you. You also noticed there were faint shadows scurrying around, but you couldn't tell what they were. Were they wolves? Were they rabbits? You didn't know. Your heart jumped as you saw a large shadow leap out from behind a tree and take off running. Was it a bear? You didn't know. You quickly started to pick up the pace as you heard a groan close by. You thought of running but you thought it best not to even try because you wouldn't know where to run to. You then saw something up ahead. You realized that it was a cave. You didn't know if anything was in it or not, but you didn't care. You decided to take the risk and go inside and wait until daybreak. After you went inside, you looked around and saw that it was empty and so you sat down on a rock and waited. You then heard something fall on your left and you looked, only to see a tunnel. You thought of leaving and going back into the forest, but then you decided to go through the tunnel instead, even though you wanted to wait until daybreak. You walked into the tunnel and, before you knew it, you were in total darkness. You thought you would walk into a wall or something but you didn't. You then started to see a little bit and you saw stalactites and stalagmites formed beautifully in an eerie way on your left and right. As you continued further down this tunnel, you then noticed something like a brick wall slowly appearing on both sides of you. After you went by them, you then started to hear faint whispering. A sudden chill went up your spine as you started to see figures appearing on your left. They looked human, but as you looked closely, some had demonic eyes but no mouths, some had no eyes and no mouths, and some had no eyes. They stared at you as you walked and some of them even started moving towards you. You trembled a little as you heard small cracklings emanating from the figures as they moved, some of them were whispering and you couldn't understand what they were saying, but it didn't sound good to you. You also noticed in the distance there were red eyes glaring at you from the darkness. But still, you kept walking. You then looked ahead and saw a faint light ahead of you. You thought of turning around and heading back to the woods, thinking you would rather take your chances with the eerie sounds and the eerie shadows, but like a bug, you were drawn to the light. You came into a room where you saw pillars formed in a circle, each holding a torch which was what caused the faint light you saw. Behind the pillars were pitch black darkness and in the center of the circle was a blood-splattered circular floor. Feeling extremely uncomfortable, you turned to leave, only to see that the opening you walked through was gone, replaced with a brick wall. You shuddered as you heard what sounded like a ghostly exhale and you turned to see seven hooded figures standing around the circular floor in an arrowhead formation, their heads lowered. The hooded figure in the middle, who appeared to be slightly taller than the others, spoke in a ghostly voice,"Thank you for joining us, and welcome to our lair. It gives us great pleasure to invite you, a living soul, to become one of us, to pass judgment on those whose time comes near, to determine their fate whether they belong to our collection or not without fear of being judged. Time will have no meaning for you here among us—the Council of Judgment. You will be forgotten by all in your life as you become one of us. Your journey to immortality has finally come to an end. We are proud to have you among us. So come forth and be recognized as one of us." Feeling uneasy about this, you shook your head, rejecting the offer given to you. Six of the hooded figures backed away into the pitch darkness, leaving you alone with the tall, hooded figure. The hooded figure spoke again, "For your refusal, you will be added to our collection."

It then raised its head, revealing two red, glowing eyes that glared menacingly at you. Suddenly, it lunged forward at you, snarling and shrieking at you, reaching out to grab you. Everything went to sudden darkness.

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