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The cursed object

Horror Story 04

By Ashfaq AhamadPublished 3 months ago 6 min read

Ava had always loved antique shops. The old- world charm of the particulars, the stories they held, and the recollections that lay dormant within them always fascinated her. She had been visiting relic stores since she was a youthful girl with her grandmother, who had an emotional collection of quaint dolls. It was one similar store that she set up a beautiful puritanical glass, and she knew that she had to have it.

The glass was exquisite, with ornate designs etched into the tableware frame. Ava had it packed to her home, and when it arrived, she eagerly unmasked it and hung it on the wall in her bedroom. The glass looked stunning, reflecting the light and giving her room an elegant look. But Ava couldn't shake off the feeling that commodity wasn't relatively right.

At first, Ava allowed

she was being silly. She dismissed the feeling and went about her day as usual. still, as the days went by, the feeling only grew stronger. She'd catch casts of commodities moving in the glass, commodity that wasn't her reflection. But every time she turned to look; nothing was there.

One night, Ava woke up to find herself standing in front of the glass, gaping at her reflection. She did not flash back getting out of bed, but there she was, gaping at herself in the glass. Her reflection wasn't relatively right, however. Her eyes were dark and concave, and her face was twisted in a minatory smile.

Ava tried to back down from the glass, but she could not move. It was as if she was trapped, caught in the glass's reflection. The longer she goggled at her reflection, the further she felt herself being pulled by, like a moth to a honey.

Suddenly, Ava was plunged into a world of darkness. She could feel commodity gripping her, pulling her down into a bottomless hole. She screamed and tried to fight it off, but it was no use. The darkness consumed her, and she was lost to the world.

When Ava woke up, she was lying on the bottom in front of the glass. She could feel her heart racing and her body shaking. She knew that she had to get relieve of the glass, but she could not bring herself to do it. It was as if the glass had a hold on her, and she was helpless to repel it.

Days went by, and Ava came more and more hung up with the glass. She'd spend hours gaping at her reflection, trying to figure out what was passing to her. She could feel the darkness growing stronger, and she knew that she had to break free from its grasp.

One night, Ava woke up to find the glass gone. She searched the entire house, but it was nowhere to be set up. It was as if the glass had faded into thin air. Ava was relieved, but she knew that the curse of the glass hadn't been lifted.

Many days latterly, Ava entered a package in the correspondence. It was a small, quaint doll with demitasse skin and a frilly dress. There was no return address, and Ava had no idea who had transferred it. still, as soon as she picked up the doll, she knew that commodity wasn't right.

The doll's eyes followed her wherever she went, and she could feel its presence in the room. At night, she'd hear it bruiting to her, its voice dark and menacing. She knew that the curse hadn't been lifted, and that the doll was just another accursed object that had set up its way into her life.

In the end, Ava knew that she had to break the curse. She gathered all the accursed objects in her home and burned them in a ritualistic form. As the objects burned, she could feel the darkness lifting, and she knew that she had eventually broken free from the

As the accursed objects burned, Ava felt a sense of relief marshland over her. The darkness that had consumed her for so long was eventually dissipating. She watched as the dears consumed the last of the accursed particulars, and she knew that she'd noway let herself fall victim to similar evil again.

But the relief was short- lived. As soon as the dears failed down, Ava heard a sound coming from the ashes. It was a tale, a dark and menacing voice that transferred chills down her chine. She tried to ignore it, but it only grew louder, more patient.

Ava knew that the curse hadn't been lifted, that commodity was still hanging her. She tried to ignore it, going about her diurnal routine as usual, but the bruiting grew louder and more pertinacious. It was as if the accursed object had taken on a life of its own, seeking vengeance for being destroyed.

One night, Ava woke up to find the doll standing at the bottom of her bed, its demitasse skin glowing in the moonlight. Its eyes glowed with an unearthly light, and it spoke to her in a voice that wasn't its own.

" You cannot escape me," it said." I'm always with you."

Ava tried to scream, but no sound came out. She tried to move, but she was firmed in place. The doll reached out a demitasse hand, and Ava could feel its icy grip on her wrist. It was pulling her towards it, and she knew that she was helpless to repel.

Suddenly, Ava's bedroom door burst open, submerging the room with light. It was her neighbor, Mrs. Collins, who had heard her laugh. She rushed to Ava's side, pulling her down from the doll and out of the room.

Ava collapsed onto the bottom, heaving for air. Mrs. Collins looked at her with concern, her eyes wide with fright.

" What happed?" she asked.

Ava tried to speak, but she could not find the words. She looked over at the doll, which was still standing at the bottom of her bed, its eyes still glowing.

" That doll," she managed to say." It's accursed."

Collins jounced, her face pale." I will get relieve of it for you," she said.

And with that, Mrs. Collins picked up the doll and carried it out of the room. Ava could hear the sound of her neighbor's steps as she descended the stairs, and also the sound of the frontal door ending.

Ava lay on the bottom for a many twinkles, trying to catch her breath. She could feel the darkness lifting, and she knew that she was eventually free. She got up and looked around the room, and she saw that the glass was back on the wall.

But this time, it looked different. The ornate designs on the tableware frame had been replaced by a simple rustic frame, and there was no darkness in its reflection.

Ava knew that the curse had been lifted, that the wrong that had visited her for so long was eventually gone. She looked at her reflection in the glass, and she saw commodity that she hadn't seen in a long time. She saw stopgap. The supernatural entity: A group of friends encounter a supernatural entity, such as a ghost or a demon, that terrorizes them.

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