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The Cabin in the Woods

by Jeanette Banda 2 months ago in urban legend
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Legend has it.

“The cabin in the woods had been abandoned for years, but one night, a candle burned in the window.”

As legend has it, Old Lady Peterson was a dark witch who was paid by others to cast spells on people that they didn’t like. She grew bitter and moved into the cabin in the woods after a spell backfired, killing her husband instead.

At times, a small glow would emanate from the window of the cabin, however no one was ever seen leaving or entering the cabin day or night. People believed that Old Lady Peterson stayed up at night performing magic spells to get revenge for the death of her husband.

It was common to hear wolves howling on the night of a full moon. No one dared go through these woods at night, as it was an eerie place full of mystery. The cabin has been abandoned for years and is now covered in thick vegetation, so any light coming from it was a surprise.

The town people reported that the forest was haunted by the grieving woman and that if you stepped into it, you wouldn't survive. Two young boys, Charles and Jack, were intrigued by the stories of the dark woods and dared one another to spend the night there. The spirit of ghost hunting ran through their veins, and on the eve of the full moon, the boys planned an outing.

The time had come for the boys to conduct their investigation. A flashlight, a camera, a video recorder, water, snacks, night vision binoculars, and a butcher knife from the kitchen were packed in a small bag. At the start of the pathway, the boys met under the streetlights at the edge of the woods. Excited, they felt adrenaline racing through their bodies, like their hearts would beat right out of their chests. In hopes that the other would back out, they asked each other if they were ready. However, both remained silent. They turned on their flashlights and began their exploration of the dark woods.

The trees came together, forming a canopy that covered the pathway like a tunnel leading further into the darkness. Footsteps were heard off in the distance as animals scurried along the forest floor. A sudden gust of wind moved through the trees above them, whistling “beware.” An owl hooted nearby, and flashlights were raised into the air.

Off in the distance, flickering lights could be seen in darkness. Despite what appeared to be eyes staring back at them, it was actually fireflies leading the way. Chilled air passed them by as they grew closer to the cabin. When Jack and Charles reached the cabin, they noticed a candle in the window and for safety reasons, they hesitated to enter.

Pulling back behind some trees, one of the boys reached into his backpack for his water and his night vision binoculars. The other quickly scanned the area behind them for danger. Charles grabbed his motion-activated camera and set it up facing the cabin, hoping to capture any movement. Jack grabbed the other camera, the voice recorder, and the knife. The boys moved toward the cabin with the intention of entering. When they opened the door, the one-room cabin was dark and empty. There was no candle burning in the window. This piqued the boys’ interest knowing that something sinister was going on and they were determined to find out what it was. While Charles was taking photos, Jack activated the voice recorder and began asking questions.

“Is there anyone here?” Jack inquired. “If so, could you please give us your name?” When they listened to the message again, a voice said, “Get Out!” “Something touched me and it burned,” Charles screams. Jack turns to face Charles and sees claws on either side of his face when the cabin door suddenly opens and closes rapidly. A loud screech fills the cabin’s interior, and both boys shield their ears from it. Charles drops the camera and runs out of the cabin, leaving Jack behind. Jack's piercing screams are all that can be heard as the cabin door closes behind Charles. Terrified, Charles escapes death by running out of the woods.

The fate of Jack remains a mystery, and Charles, now suffering from PTSD, will never be able to forget why he left him to die. The story goes that the witch devoured Jack by dragging him into the underworld, where he vanished. And, it is said that it is possible hear the echoes of Jack's dying breaths while walking in the woods.

According to legend, Jack now haunts the woods with the witch, repeating the same night every night. The candle no longer burns in the window, but then again, no one dares enter the woods after dark.

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