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The Broken Mirror: A Haunted Reflection of Terror

Dare to look into the shattered glass and face the horror within

By PR SagarPublished about a year ago 3 min read
The Broken Mirror: A Haunted Reflection of Terror
Photo by Daniel Tarelo on Unsplash

I was pulled to the huge, decorated mirror in the corner as soon as I entered the antique store. It had a gold frame and elaborate carvings, the mirror you might expect to find in a lavish ballroom. Even though it was beautiful, something was unsettling about it, and as I walked up to it, I couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

When the shop owner saw I was interested, he came over to me. Isn’t that a lovely artwork, she remarked. “My family has owned it for many years. I must, however, forewarn you it is haunted.”

Haunted? I had that thought. Just ridiculous superstition, I say. I couldn’t resist the mirror’s charm and acquired it.

Everything looked fine at first. My living room’s mirror looked great in there, reflecting the light to make it seem brighter and more spacious. But as time passed, unexpected incidents occurred.

By Khai Vern on Unsplash

It all began with little things. Things would disappear and then turn up in unexpected places. When nobody else was home, I would hear footsteps. The most terrifying moments, though, were when I detected signs of motion in the mirror despite knowing I was alone myself.

I initially attempted to dismiss it as my imagination. But the longer I owned the mirror, the more certain I was that there was a problem. I began my search for information online and discovered several stories of haunting mirrors, each one more terrifying than the last.

Mirrors are said to have the power to trap the souls of the deceased and act as gates to the afterlife. It’s also impossible to expel the haunting presence that inhabits a mirror after it’s been haunted.

Although I knew that I had to take action, I was unsure of what. It didn’t matter that I tried to hide the mirror with a sheet. Even though I knew it would only make matters worse, I debated breaking it.

Then, an unexpected situation happens one day. The glass of the mirror suddenly cracked as I was standing there and observing my reflection. Not only was there a noticeable crack in the mirror but there was also a jagged line running from one end to the other.

I was initially relieved. This might have been the answer to my situation. Yet as the days passed, I came to see that the crack had made everything worse.

I was seeing things in the mirror now that weren’t there. I was being followed by shadows as I heard whispering. The issues have become a portal leading to a scary and dark place.

By Chastity Cortijo on Unsplash

Then, I realized I had to get free of the mirror at all costs. I asked a priest to bless the home, and I got in touch with a ghost hunter to see if he might help. Nothing, however, could dispose of the mirror of the ghostly presence, thus, it was all for nothing.

I was forced to smash the mirror to bits in the end. Although it was terrible, as soon as the glass broke, a wave of relief swept over me. Finally, the eerie mirror was gone, and I could breathe normally once again.

But even now, years later, I continue to sense the mirror's phantom presence in my head. I can still make out moving shadows in the corners of my eyes and hear whispering in the night. Although the smashed mirror is no longer there, its terrifying memory endures.

Even though I’ve made efforts to put the mirror behind me and move on with my life, it appears the horror it held has entered every bone of my being. Even when I’m alone, sometimes I feel watched or pursued. The worry is palpable even though I know it’s unfounded and all in my head.

By Clement Souchet on Unsplash

I sometimes worry whether the mirror is gone or if it is hiding somewhere and waiting to attack once more. Although it’s absurd, I can’t help but think the mirror served as a conduit, allowing something evil to enter our reality.

There are no details of the mirror’s beginnings, despite my efforts to look into its past and learn how it got here. It seems as though it just appeared out of thin air, ready to damage our lives.

The broken mirror continues to haunt me, even though I know I should let it go, and that clinging to this anxiety and paranoia will only make matters worse. I, therefore make an effort to keep my eyes down whenever I pass by any mirrors for fear that one day I’ll catch a glimpse of something I never want to see again.

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