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Take an Elevator to Another Dimension

This blog talks about a new dare game in which one takes an elevator to another world. Do you Dare!

By Bazooka TeachesPublished 4 years ago Updated 3 years ago 4 min read

Apparently, there is a game in which one can take an elevator to another dimension. It is a dare game in which it is mostly known as “The Elevator Game”, and it is considered to be one of the most dangerous dare games out there for people to play. It is believed that this dare has originated from some Korean website. As far as how old the game is, no one knows. At least, no one has posted anything about how old the game is so far anywhere.

According to the Korean website that dares people to take an elevator to another world, the dimension that a person is sent to is believed to be called “The Shadowside.” Whatever this world or dimension is, if it is real, the game sounds insanely scary. On the other hand, it would be a bit thrilling to try it out.

How to Play

First, one can only play this game by themselves. The second thing is to find a building that has at least ten floors with an elevator. The person must get into the elevator on the first floor. The person must proceed to visit floors 2, 4, 6, 2, 10, and 5. This must be done without getting out, and the whole ride must be done alone as well.

On the fifth floor, a woman is said to enter the elevator. It is highly recommended that the person playing this game does not make any eye contact with this lady at all. One must not even speak to her. She will ask the participant, “Where are you going?” Again, ignore her at all costs. This woman will eventually take the elevator to the tenth floor. Yes, she will be inside of it for that short ride.

Once the doors open on the tenth floor, a whole different dimension will be in front of your face. This parallel world is said to be safe for one to roam. That is the dare, right? Entering a different dimension would be the prize for enduring such a white knuckle ride inside an elevator that is eventually joined by some woman.

How do they know its a woman? I guess her voice would give her away! Anyway, it is said that this woman is not what she seems to be. The game specifically warns participants to not make any contact with the woman or she may be liable to keep you for her own!

Once Inside the Other Dimension

When the doors open, you will notice that the dimension will be very similar to ours but all the lights will not be working. It is said to be a darker world. If the floor has windows, a red cross is said to be seen in the distance through them.

Electronics do not seem to work in the “Shadowside.” Some say that they can, but it is most likely that cameras, cellphones, or any type of electronics to record the trek do not work. If one does try the dare, take an electronic device anyway and try to record as much as possible. Heck, there is no rule that states not to bring any electronic devices!

It is also said that the person playing the game will be the only person inside this dimension. I guess there are no souls there to provide hospitality. If this really exists though, wouldn’t people that play the game at the same time from different parts of the world be able to run to each other. I guess that would be the next challenge.

How to Get Back

If the participant chooses to wander the Shadowside, they must remember where the elevator is at. That same elevator must be used to get back to the original world. Once the person gets back into the elevator, the same sequence used to open the portal to the other world must be used to return to the normal dimension. The trip back does not include a spooky lady, but the elevator will try to send you to the tenth floor after you reach the fifth floor. If this happens, one must stop the elevator and keep pressing the first-floor button.

Eventually, the elevator will take you to the first floor. However, the participant must check if everything is the same. If anything different, the same sequence must be used. It is said that the trip back can be a bit difficult and could take some time since the force of the Shadowside tends to suck the person back. It can be a bit annoying, but eventually, the person can get back.

Also, when wondering the Shadowside, make sure not to lose consciousness. Do not take a nap or go to sleep when walking in the other world. It is predicted that people that fall asleep on the other side stay there forever. Some say that one wakes up in their bed but they are alone in a different world. How do they know this? Anyway...

Once the participant gets back to the first floor and everything checks out, that person must step out of the elevator and not look back. What happens when the person looks back? Who knows? Just don’t do it. Get the heck out! If anyone tries this game after reading this, please let me know how it went. If you happen to get back!

By Bazooka Teaches


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