Storm Drain Dog

Karma is always a pain. Especially for Ricardo who hated dogs and accidentally ran over one.

Storm Drain Dog

Ricardo was upset that he ran over a dog last night while driving home on the highway. He remembered it clearly. The dog jumped right in front of his car, out of nowhere, and splattered all over the windshield. The rest of it was stuck to his grill.

He was going to need some work on his car.

It was killing him inside. From what he remembered, it was a nice strong-looking German Sheppard. It bothered him a great deal that he had an unnecessary expense to fix his brand new car.

The night of the incident, he washed his car and saw all the blood go into the gutter. The pieces of the carcass, he swept them into the storm drain right by his house.

The head of this dog was in pieces. It was very bloody and gory, as he almost threw up while doing this in the middle of the night. No one saw.

He was so mad that he had to go through this and spend his money.

“I hate dogs,” he told himself.

In fact, he hated all pets. It was a pet-peeve of his when he saw people adoring their pets. It drove him mad. Ricardo thought that it was ridiculous to love a dirty, filthy animal.

As he drove on that night, he kept thinking about the estimate he was going to get to fix his precious car and kept wishing the dog never jumped in front of his car.

About a week later, after getting his car fixed, Ricardo kept hearing a dog whimpering whenever he drove to work or just anywhere. It only happened when he was alone. Ricardo would always turn down the music to tune in, but the whimpering would seem to go away.

“How could that be?” he asked himself.

Ricardo thought that maybe the radio was not working properly. One dark evening, when Ricardo got home after being out with friends, he noticed glowing eyes coming from the storm drain. It was dark and the eyes where glowing.

Ricardo rubbed his eyes, for he was drinking that night. He looked again, and the bouncing glowing eyes were still there.

He started sweating.

The glowing eyes accompanied by a low growling. He looked across the street and no one was around to witness what he was seeing. He got out of the car carefully while staring at the eyes in the storm drain.

As he got out, the eyes went dark.

Ricardo rubbed his eyes again and decide that he was seeing things.

Suddenly, he heard a dog’s whimper. It was coming from the storm drain where he saw the glowing eyes. The whimper sounded like a dog in distress.

Ricardo thought that it could be a dog trapped.

He slowly walked up to the storm drain to get a closer look into the storm drain.

Once he was right in front of it, glowing eyes appeared and a vicious growl began.

The glowing eyes turned red.

Ricardo’s eyes widened as he dropped his keys. He started walking backward to stay away. Suddenly, a loud echoing bark emanated from the paved drain that made his ears ring. Lights approached and Ricardo saw the face of bloody German Sheppard. He jumped back.

Ricardo heard screeching tires. He turned to his right and saw a full-size truck inches away from him.


As his head rolled over the truck, he could see dark liquid being flung into the air. His head knew that it was his own blood. An arm was flying in the air as well. As Ricardo’s head caught a glimpse of that while rolling in midair above the truck, he thought, “Will I end up in the storm drain too?”

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