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Spooky Story of The Arizona Wilderness

by William Comer 3 months ago in fiction

By: William Comer

Its frighteningly cold and dark tonight, the perfect time to insight a fright

So I'll tell you this tale one to surely turn you pale as every gruesome detail impales.

So go… lock the door before I begin, and get close to your loved one whom you adore because gore and horror are in store.

Part one: The Monster

Looking up from the campsite, the dark silhouettes of towering pine trees looked like stalactites reaching down above a glassy and twinkling lake of stars and galaxies beneath. The sparks from the campfire were like falling drops of light floating down in twists and twirls then slowly fading and transforming into stars adding into the infinite lake of light that was the universe.

It was late October and a group of friends were two days out on a hike deep within the forest. Today they had been hiking since dawn in hopes of reaching a famous viewpoint in time to see the sunset. The viewpoint at sunset is said to be pure of beauty, but the trail was long and strenuous and the sun was inching closer and closer to the horizon by the minute. They weren't sure how far they had left until they would reach the viewpoint.

So they kept on walking, thinking with each step that the next would be their last. But the trail kept leading on and the day kept moving closer to darkness, yet they weren't even remotely close to the viewpoint. By the time the sun had reached the horizon, they were positive that they were close. So they decided to call it quits and find a campsite now. They walked into the woods to the right of the trail and went searching. They made sure that the trail was always south of them, but the daylight had eventually run out. they were all exhausted and were getting sloppy, not making sure they were still facing north of the trail. They just wanted to get settled down. Finally after another hour, and even more darkness, they found a clearing where they could set up camp. It was a perfect spot. However, little did they know when in search of a place to set up camp they had strayed quite a ways further from the path than they had thought, they were now deep within the forest far from parkland. No trails, no people, nothing. It was only nine o’clock but everything was already painted in deep darkness with no moon to soften it. Their campfire was the only source of light around, shining on the trees that directly surrounded them but beyond that, was emptiness for miles. The group of friends, unaware, were sitting around the fire telling stories until their sides hurt from laughter, they were relieved that they were finally able to relax. After some time passed, Matt and Loretta decided that it was time to go to sleep. They were tired from hiking all day and they weren't sure how far they would have to go tomorrow. Phil and Amanda weren’t ready to go to their tent yet, still riding on the wave of laughter of the night. So They stayed up and talked.

After a while, the fire started to die down so Phil told Sarah “ hey I'll be right back I’m going to get some more wood for the fire” Phil said “ Ok don't be too long it’s dark out and I don’t want to be left alone .” Sarah watched as Phil disappeared into the vast blackness of the forest, leaving her alone at the fire. The only sounds Phil heard while he walked were the crisp crunch of leaves as he methodically took each step, hardly able to see in front of him in the darkness. After collecting a good amount of logs Phil decided to head back but was startled at the sound of a twig snapping near him. “Hello?” he yelled “ who’s out there? Sarah is that you?'' Just then Sarah yelled out and jumped from behind a tree grabbing Phil by the shoulders causing him to scream as all the wood in his arms crashed to the ground. “Jesus fuck Sarah! You scared the living shit out of me!” Phil’s heart was racing and his adrenaline was pumping, but the sight of Sarah calmed him. Phil turned around, grabbing Sarah by the hips, pulled her close then kissed her. “ forget the fire” Phil said, “ let's go back to the tent”. Suddenly Sarah started to transform and morph into something different, in fact, it wasn't Sarah at all. Phil in shock was unable to move at what he saw. The monster was 8 ft tall with arms that reached the ground and claws the size of swords, its jaw hung low showing a mouthful of sharp teeth and fangs that went down into its throat. Phil tried to let out a scream but nothing came out as he stood there unable to move a muscle.

In one big motion, the monster swung its huge arm, and its claws sliced across Phil’s chest. From the ground Phil saw the blurry image of the monster above him breathing heavily as it startled to slowly make it’s way closer to where he lay, and then there was only darkness.


William Comer

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William Comer
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