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Silent Screams

Escaping the fear

By Chelsea RosePublished about a month ago 2 min read
Silent Screams
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As the night drew near, Lily found herself ensnared by the shadows of her own mind. She wanted to go to sleep. She craved sleep. But sleep mocked her; her dreams no longer gave her peace.

Even the quiet street outside her window seemed to mock her, a silent spectator, teasing her with its deceptive tranquillity.

Her nightmare, vivid and relentless, crept upon her nightly. And every night it began in the same manner, with her heart thundering against her chest as she relived the horrifying night when she managed to flee from her abusive husband.

As sleep finally fell, Lily found herself back in their home. The house looked the same as it always did. The cozy rooms, the immaculate order, all a facade for the toxic reality that lay beneath. Everything was meticulously in place because Mark despised any hint of disorder.

She recalled how Mark had transformed as time went on. How he morphed into a creature that thrived on her torment. His whispered promises of love twisted into venomous barbs, and gentle caresses turned to bruising grips. Their once formidable bond decayed into a prison of fear and sorrow.

The nightmare’s turning point mirrored reality—a night soaked in violence. Mark’s wrath had reached a fever pitch, and Lily knew she had to escape or face oblivion. It was then that she clung to her only lifeline, her best friend Sarah, whose unyielding support had been her anchor.

Sarah had been instrumental in planning Lily’s escape. They met in the shadows, their conversations hushed and urgent. Hidden in the dim corners of a local café, they plotted the escape route, timing every step, and calculating every risk. Sarah offered not just a safe haven, but a flicker of hope in Lily’s otherwise dark world.

As she lay under the cover, Lily’s dreams replayed that fateful night she managed to escape, with haunting clarity. She could still feel the cool evening breeze on her skin as she slipped out of the house, moving like a spectral figure in the gloom. Every creak of the floorboards and every rustle of leaves heightened her terror. She couldn’t help but glance back repeatedly, dreading Mark’s imminent approach.

As she neared the gate, she sensed movement. Mark was awake! His voice, laced with rage and betrayal, pierced the night as he called her name. Lily ran, her heart a drumbeat of fear as Mark’s footsteps echoed louder, closer.

The streets twisted into a labyrinth of dread, every corner a potential snare. The clatter of plates shattering against walls reverberated in her ears, the ghostly pain of hidden bruises flaring anew. She stumbled, sensing Mark’s grasp closing around her arm, thinking all was lost. But then, like an avenging spirit, Sarah appeared. She yanked Lily into a waiting car, and they sped into the night, swallowed by the darkness.

Waking was a release, yet the nightmares left Lily trembling, the sweat cold on her skin. But she was free. Every morning, for the last three months, she reminded herself that she was free.

Sarah’s unwavering support was a lifeline, guiding her through therapy, helping her find a new job, and encouraging her to rebuild her life piece by piece.

The town, once a landscape of horrors, slowly transformed into a symbol of her resilience. Yet, she chose to leave its bustling heart, seeking solace in the serene embrace of the countryside. Each step away from the city marked her journey towards healing, away from the haunted remnants of her past.


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I never met a problem I couldn't make worst.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    So grateful that Lily had someone like Sarah to help her. Loved your story!

Chelsea RoseWritten by Chelsea Rose

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