Runnin Round Red Mountain (Ch. 2)

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Chapter 2

Runnin Round Red Mountain (Ch. 2)
In a killers sight

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4 months we've been after this guy... and for some reason, he'll only speak to you. Am I really supposed to believe you have no idea why?

Jack Morrison had been assigned the lead on this case until Lawrence made his demands. He was reluctant to give up the wheel to someone who had no knowledge of who the killer was. Now, as the car rolled up to the front entrance of the agency, he still wasn't convinced the right call had been made.

The two men stepped out of the vehicle, making their way up the flight of steps.

"I thought you guys were based out of the city?" Detective Rose asked with a curious look on his face.

"When we have high-priority targets in custody we bring them here, a little more off the radar, if you know what I mean."

As they reached the top of the stairs, Morrison made his way to a security console to the left of the double glass doors.

"Two-step security access is required to get inside," he explained, swiping his key card. This revealed a touch-pad with five blue lights. "Step 2 is fingerprints, and only a select few individuals have access at any given time."

One by one he scanned his fingers; turning each blue light green in the process. Once all five were scanned, the green lights blinked three times and an automated voice stated...


The double glass doors suddenly opened and the detectives found themselves in a lobby containing one single elevator.

"No front desk security?" Detective Rose couldn't fight the urge to ask.

"No need, failure to meet either one of the two security measures at the door results in a complete lockdown of the building instantly. Besides, any intruders really wouldn't want anything to do with what's on the other side of this elevator." Jack could see that this had only further confused his guest. "Don't worry man, it'll all make more sense once you speak to the Director," he said reassuringly as his finger pressed a button.

The elevator ride was quick, and before they knew it, both men were standing face to face with the highest ranking official in the building...

Director Albert Price

The elevator doors spread open and Carson was now standing in front of a tall white man wearing an expensive-looking grey suit.

"Good morning Detective Rose, it is a pleasure to finally meet you," the man exclaimed reaching out with a hand to greet him. The journey through the front entrance had already been strange enough, but the man standing in front of him now resembled something from a Stephen King novel.

"Likewise Director, it's an honor to have been invited," Rose answered accepting the handshake.

"I wish I could take the credit for that invitation but, as you know, today we meet at the request of our other guest." Carson had not forgotten the reason he was so far away from home, in fact, it was all he could think about since he got out of bed this morning. He locked eyes with the Director and noticed that they were just as grey as his suit; he also had a thin scar that slashed across his left eye. This is the Director of the FBI?

It was as if Director Price could read the detectives mind. "I know I am a bit old for an acting federal agent but nevertheless, son, here we are. Walk with me while we discuss what is about to transpire here today." With that, their host turned around and began to walk through the buildings main hallway.

"A bit of a character, isn't he?" Morrison suddenly spoke up beside him. "Don't worry, that is the most honorable man I know, if anyone wants this psycho to see justice, it's him."

"Good." I'll believe it when I see it.

The killer's den

The two men had rushed forward to rejoin the Director as he made his way to the interrogation room. Jack was keeping a close eye on his new "partner." Trust was not something he handed out lightly, especially under these circumstances.

"Tell me, Detective Rose, how much do you know about our celebrity guest?"

"He is a deranged killer, with a body count so long it could keep him in prison for the next ten lifetimes. I know he has a following, his own cult, that wouldn't hesitate to die on his behalf. What I don't know is why he demanded to speak to me; I've been retired for the last three years." This seemed to get a reaction out of the Director, who raised his eyebrows as he came to a stop at a single windowless blue door.

"Well... hopefully, that is exactly what we will find out today, are you ready?"

Rose sighed, "Let's just get this over with."

"Jack, I want you to go in with him, we need to be prepared for anything with this one."

"Absolutely," Morrison replied, happy to oblige.

The three men entered a small dimly lit room, with a large plated two-way mirror making up the majority of the wall across from them. On the other side, Jack could see the monster they would soon question. There he sat, with his head down, long brown hair covering his face. Even in the dim light, he could almost make out a slight smirk at the corner of the man's mouth. He also noticed a small cringe come from the man standing beside him and probably would've found it suspicious... had he not just done the same.

"Remember gentleman, keep control of the situation, do not let him unnerve you." Director Price handed Rose a red file and opened the door for them.

Jack leaned against the wall at the far side of the room, so he could have a good view of today's special guests. Detective Rose took the seat in front of JBL, dropping the file on the table before sitting down.

"How are you, Jorge? Can I call you Jorge?"

Their captive raised his eyes to meet with the man's whom he requested to speak with. "You sure can Carson, we're friends, we can speak on a first name basis... can't we?"

That seemed to catch him off guard... but Lawrence is acting like they've known each other for years. Something isn't adding up here. Jack had his sights locked on JBL, doing everything he could to resist the urge to smack the smirk off the killers face.

"You're more than welcome to call me by my first name if that's what you'd like Jorge," Rose answered calmly, careful not to react. "Although, I have to ask, why'd you request to talk to me? A lot of guys have been chasing after your ass... I wasn't one of them."

"You sound so sure..." Lawrence laughed sarcastically. "By the way, that's a nice tie, your last fathers day present, wasn't it?"

Carlos Guerra
Carlos Guerra
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