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Revenge of the cemetery keeper: Series of curses and blood

The Curse of the Pharaohs

By TEK TRIKPublished 4 months ago 4 min read
Pharaonic tomb

On the first day of work, many people came at night, some of them settled with tools in the room under the stairs, and the rest in another room of the house.

I later learned that one of the men is a “sheikh,” or we can say that he is an imposter, and his job is to dismantle the surveillance in the cemetery and force... The cemetery guard leaves the cemetery safely.

On the same day, the drilling began. Three hours after the drilling began, everyone was terrified by the sound of one of the workers screaming as he clutched his heart and was in pain.

We rushed to go to him, but unfortunately we could not do anything. He died in front of all of us and we do not know how this could happen, or what. We do, he was taken to the hospital near us and there they confirmed that his heart had actually stopped and that there was no hope for him...

That was a signal, they had to pay attention to it, to stop digging, not to continue, but they all ignored the matter.

Even the workers in the same place did not wait for our return from the hospital and continued their work normally. The day passed, and two days after that, on the third day the gate started.

It appears in front of us. There is indeed an entrance that looks very strange. I was feeling afraid as soon as I passed through the excavation area. I was afraid to look too long.

There was a strange fear controlling me. My sleep became much worse. It is real suffering. I do not sleep regularly, and I do not feel well.

Once again we heard screaming, but this time it was not a cry of pain, it was a cry of terror. The first worker who fell fainted, and when they put water on his face to wake him up, he started screaming.

He did not wait a single second at home. He did not even change his clothes. He ran to the house. Outside and he was shaking, my heart tightened even more, but I couldn’t do anything.

My mother’s siblings were around my grandfather, distracting him from me and from talking to me for fear that I would change his mind about what was happening...

The fifth day began, the digging ended, and now it is time for the Antichrist Sheikh to work.

It is now time to remove the surveillance. The Sheikh asked everyone to wait for him to do his work and then try to enter, because any uncalculated attempt to enter could cost a person his life.

He began to place some strange things. He collected animal remains, skins, nails, and bones around him, and then he sprayed water from a strange bottle.

The smell of the water was so horrific that some of those present immediately went to the toilet because they felt extremely nauseous from the smell.

He started saying strange words and I started to feel that it could never be good. I started to become certain then that we would all perish.

We could see the way to the cemetery door from the outside, everyone thinking about the gold that clouded everyone's minds and made them not think for a second about any consequences that could happen.

Minutes passed like years, and the sheikh began to descend downstairs and repeat his strange words until the door suddenly opened in front of him, and everyone gasped except for me. I felt that the disaster had begun...

The sheikh entered inside, and as soon as he turned his back, he closed the door, causing a tremor in the house. Everyone felt afraid. The workers decided to run out of the house.

This was the smartest thing that happened on this day. They saved themselves from certain death. The men of the house tried to open the entrance door.

But they could not, they could not even move him a little. They went up again and my second uncle said that he would go to the neighboring village to bring another sheikh who was known to be able to carry out these tasks, and here we discovered the disaster...

All the doors do not open. The iron bars have turned into full, thick sheets blocking the door and preventing anyone from getting out. Even the door leading to the roof has turned into a mass of iron that cannot be opened and we cannot break it.

The bars that were placed on the windows have become very narrow, barely letting the air in. It is as if their numbers have doubled, but when and how no one knows.

I knew that it was the curse that we were laughing at and mocking. It was the curse of the Pharaohs. It had struck our house and no one would emerge from us healthy.

A state of collapse and crying took over the house. Even the men could not control themselves after they became certain that we were all prisoners in a prison from which we did not know how we would get out. !!

Thank you for reading till the end.❤️

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  • TEK TRIK (Author)4 months ago

    * We will continue the rest of the story in the third part.. What do you expect to happen next??!!! * If you enjoyed the second part... I would love for you to share the story on social media platforms!!! * See you soon in a more exciting part....❤️❤️


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