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Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'Jason X' (2002)

Jason in Space!!!

By Reed AlexanderPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

I honestly can't understand why fans of the franchise hate on Jason X so much. They act like the first seven movies are somehow amazing masterpieces in horror. A long ass time ago, I did a full review of the first one and most of the first seven. Friday The 13th (1980)

In that review, I explained that the acting sucked, the setup was weak, and the plot was nowhere to be found. It's a movie that survived almost entirely on our nostalgia, and the fact that it set the bar for slasher flicks. Simply put, IT'S A LOW FUCKING BAR. Even the first movie, which attempted to make a serious thriller, kinda missed the aim a little. It got by on exploitative nudity and violence. Here's the thing, that's okay. I'm a fan of exploitative nudity and violence. But we can't pretend this somehow magically makes Friday The 13th,or the franchise as a whole, good cinema.

Jesus fucking Christ, A New Beginning was WAY fucking worse than Jason X. It has the lamest plot, the worst acting, AND IT WASN'T EVEN FUCKING JASON, ITS A FUCKING COPY CAT!!!

Every episode of the franchise tried to up the stakes since the first. Jason didn't even have the iconic hokey mask until the third. They tried a psychic chick, they tried making him an un-dead monstrosity, eventually Jason Takes Manhattan. Jason in space was the only place this could go people.

Kill your idols people. Everything you loved is a lie and just waiting to disappoint you.

So, yes. This was a stupid movie, with bad acting, a dumb premise, and absolutely no plot. THEY ALL WERE.

I recommend it to my fellow horror heads. You just need to pull your horror heads out of your horror asses.


I'm not really going to shit on this movie. That's kinda like taking a dump in the NYC's harbor. Who would even notice? Let's instead just talk about some themes and whether on not they fit the Jason mythos. We are left wondering, what is Jason, other than a sad excuse for a never ending stream of shit slasher movies. If we believe Jason Goes To Hell (JGH), Jason is actually a worm thingy inside Jason's body. But, in order to fit cannon this movie needs to take place after JGH and Jason V. Freddy. This means the demon worm is somewhere inside this version of Jason, keeping him alive and regenerating his constantly decaying body. We also know that it has its limitations. In JGH, Jason gets blow to pieces and it's simply too much for the worm to fix. It has to create a new Jason by possessing a family member from the Voorhees line. In this movie, Jason gets large chunks blown off and again it's too much to repair. We can say this is in line with the worm's limitation as exhibited in JGH. However, there are clearly no Voorhees relatives in space, so what's a demon worm to do? Why not posses the medical bay's nano machine and build a new body? This is how we get Mecha Jason. I'm totally okay with this and as far as I'm concerned it also matches cannon.

How you ask? From the third installment, we already know Jason is, in fact un-dead. This brings us to the 6th installment. During the beginning of the film, Tommy (originally Corey Feldman's character), tries to cremate Jason with gasoline. They disturb the corpse by stabbing it with a metal pike. While not paying attention, lightning strikes the metal pike and revives Jason. This, of course, is likely just a case of Deus Ex Machina. But what if we look at it as something else. What if the worm, realizing that its position was in threat, pulled some sort of demonic trick to call the lightning and help jump start its weakened abilities. It simply does the same thing in Jason X. Having nothing left to animate Jason's body, it used its environment to survive.

If you're a fan of the franchise, there's nothing wrong with this movie. This movie is no different and no worse than the rest of them. It carries on a long tradition of Friday The 13th movies that was only failed by A New Beginning.

Please see this movie for what it is and enjoy.

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