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Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'Deathgasm' (2015)

by Reed Alexander 2 years ago in movie review

I found a fun new word!

This is likely my new favorite horror comedy of the past ten years. Even beating out Tucker and Dale V. Evil and Zombie Land. It was just fan-fucking-tastic. New word of the day kitties..."Cocktopus." Let that swim around in your cranium for a little while. I'm basically just waiting for an excuse to call someone that.

But it should be no surprise that New Zealand spat out yet another horror classic. These are the daffy fucks that gave us Dead Alive (AKA: Braindead)." Homework project: GO FUCKING WATCH DEAD ALIVE!!!

Alright, so how do I review this movie without stroking every tentacle on the cocktopus...BAM! NAILED IT!!! The acting style was appropriate for the genre and the story downright bonkers. You can definitely tell they had fun making this movie, and it's equally as fun to watch. The plot was fun too. It reminded me of Pick of Destany or maybe something from an episode of Metalocalypse. Actually, cartoonish is a perfect way to describe this movie. It also had a lot of fun gory practical effects.

The atmosphere had the overall feel of The Evil Dead 2 or even Army of Darkness, and just about the perfect approach to all of the gags set up throughout the movie. It’s dark and brooding but the writing is lighthearted. The musical scores are fun too since it’s supposed to be death-metal themed.

Now, I do recommend this movie and I am calling this a mandatory must watch for hora heads but…there's one thing I have a problem with... because nothing ever satisfies me, and because fuck you and that's why...


They just didn't go the extra mile with the bro-mance between the two metal-head lead characters. Look, I get it, they're clearly both straight, but c'mon man, they're clearly both see each other as the ‘one time exception.’ This movie was DYING for an awkward almost kiss, or a straight out of left field actual kiss, or at the very least someone to just mention they need to fuck and get it over with already. They spend the whole damn movie setting those two up for it, they just needed to sack up and follow through... giggdy. I mean Jesus fucking Christ, even I was a little sexually frustrated at the end of the movie when they didn't follow through. You can’t spend all that time setting up bromosexual romance and not follow through with the gag.

The rest of this movie was absolute perfection. For fuck sake, they kill the male lead's guardians with their own sex toys. There’s this one scene where they’re fighting possessed people (because that’s the plot of the movie, they accidentally open a portal to hell with one of their songs) and the male lead’s annoying cousin walks in and they cut off his fucking head off even though he wasn't possessed, then try to pass it off like he was. My favorite scene is with the male lead sitting in the park, eating an ice cream cone, right next to his preppy crush, in full death-metal regalia. Then there’s the fact that him and his band actually film their first video in the woods (kind of a death-metal genre joke but I'm sure you can google it). This movie was just about fucking perfect. I don't think anything will ever be as perfect as Army of Darkness or Shaun of the Dead, but this is a close fucking third.

I know I'm known for it, and I really am trying as hard as I fucking can to find bad things about this movie, but I just can't. It's fucking hysterical.

Again, this movie is now a MANDATORY must watch.

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Reed Alexander
Reed Alexander
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