Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'Blood Hunter' (2016)

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Gravitas is at it again!

Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'Blood Hunter' (2016)

This is one of my earliest reviews of a movie from that plucky little film studio Gravitas. This movie was one of the first that got Gravitas on my radar as a movie that was going to start turning out trash horror. As a connoisseur of trash horror, I really learned to love Gravitas with little gems like this. Not everything they put out is a gem, and everything they put out needed WAY more editing, but we are talking about a shoe string budget here.

This movie was about as good as a low budget horror can get, without falling under the good-bad category of horror films. This movie struggled to keep the tension but still manages to keep you pretty high strung. The atmosphere also struggled a bit to stay gritty/creepy, but for the most part was solid. The acting is better than can be expected for horror. The plot was simple and that's okay. The story was also simple, and even created an interesting mythos which was fairly unique. All in all, besides the ending and a few other things, this movie was pretty good.

But was it worth watching? I don't know, it wasn't a total waste of my time, but nothing about it really stood out. I wasn't disappointed with the movie as a whole but I was least disappointed by the ending.


I'm trying to figure out why it was necessary to make the lead male a psychic. I mean, it's neat that he could see how people died, but why? All it gives us is a little unnecessary exposition you already have. Now, there is this one point where he sees the priest as a kid being drowned by his father. He then says something that causes the priest to have a revelation, so then the priest wants to let these little critters loose on the world. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Who fucking cares?! They could have cleared that up by just having it be his background motivation. Why else would a priest be helping an evil corporation bring evil bloodsucking demons across the realm of the unknown? The only reason I could think of is to bring judgment on the world. The male lead's character just smacks as pointless. He's always just sensing things and you're left thinking, so fucking what?

And can we talk about the evil priest? What the fuck is his motivation supposed to have been before he has his great revelation? Seriously. He was helping an evil corporation research death and demonology. And yet, for some fucking reason, until he's given motivation by the useless guy, he's not the immediate antagonist. I mean, he was the obvious antagonist to me; why couldn't the writers realize that?

So finally, the female lead has to get this abortion to kill one of these demon spawn growing inside of her and it makes her blood toxic to the demons. Now, the priest opened up the entrance to the facility so the little buggers could get out, so this woman decide to sacrifice herself by dying in the entrance. The idea being that every blood sucker in the building will try to leave, see her body, go to take a nibble, and fucking die. Excuse me? How the fuck is that supposed to work? You're telling me these fucking things are so dumb, they're just going to line up one by one and take a bite of the chick with the toxic blood? So what, they're not going to question the ever growing pile of demon bodies, their isn't going to be one that just, Idontfuckingknow, walks right the fuck around her? And how long is her blood supposed to remain toxic? Will this plan even last a day when her body is bloating, and her blood turns to fucking sludge?

This couldn't have been the only way to end the movie. It was just lame and poorly thought out.

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