Precognitive Empath? Part I

The Dream Dates

Precognitive Empath? Part I

May I start by saying, I think I might have hit the jackpot with this. And no - not the actual jackpot but this information is right on the money.

My dreams are always sending me some type of messages or meanings. Now, number wise I wish it was lottery numbers but unfortunately it's dates of death. Remember when I said my grandfather was able to tell about death, well I just joined the death mile club.

The Magic Number Is 10

I think the whole dates really started with my dad. About six months before he really passed on I had a weird dream about him. Now it went like this:

I was in a funeral home with my mother, sister, and brother in law. I was standing over my father's coffin when I see them both crying and my brother in law was comforting them. I noticed a cross on top with an icon but I couldn't tell very well what was written. I remember his beige suit and he looked peaceful. One strange thing though - I saw his chest breathing. I remember telling my family.

Hey, he's still breathing. Why are you guys crying? He's not dead yet.

What happened next will knock your socks off.

I was standing so happy that I saw my father breathing when a strange manly creepy voice whispered behind me:

10, 10, 10

I turned around to see who said this, and yet no one was there. I had felt a creepy vibe and I couldn't understand it. Who was that guy?

I remember waking up with so much anxiety wondering with my gut feeling something bad was going to happen. I must have told my friends and all they could tell me was, oh I am overreacting and nothing is going to go wrong.


About a few weeks later, my father had a cardiac arrest. Luckily he survived. That's when I remembered the part in the dream where I saw him breathing. Oh my god, part of the dream was coming true. Now my anxiety was kicking in ten-fold.

Sadly he had a long journey ahead of him and six months later his body officially gave up on him. He passed away on January 10th, 2010 at 10 p.m.

There it was my dream officially came true. The craziest part was the funeral home, the room the suit was all the same. So I wondered who would be the one that said those numbers to me and then I realized. It was Death or the Grim Reaper.

A lot of people didn't believe that what I dreamt would come true. Most of the time they just stared at me. Some were in shock as to how I knew. Then I thought to myself, maybe this dream was a blessing to help me cope with him not being around anymore. All I knew was something was going on in my dreams.


The thing about me is, when I dream about dates and death it's always someone who is close to me. The second major date was another weird dream.

I was in a basement. Under the stairs on the floor was a fresh grave, with a whole bunch of dirt piled up. I noticed a cross with the numbers 5-24 -xx. I couldn't see the year. So once again this dream was telling me that someone was going to die soon. But who? There was no name.

This dream confused me a whole lot. The first thing I thought of was my children's father. The date was his birthday. At that time we were going through a nasty divorce. Still, though, I worried about that for the sake of my kids. Now this dream was going to be a doozy. It wasn't May yet so I had a few months to go. I told my mother about the dream, she was confused as to who it would be as well. I had to tell my sister since it was at her house.

Sadly on May 24th, my brother in law's father passed away. Once again this dream started to make more sense. Why was this in the basement? Because it's also my brother in law's house as well.There's the connection of the dream. He was a great man and a loving father who would be deeply missed with that sense of humor of his.

The Only Exception

There was a time when I actually dreamed about someone before they really died. Although this person was not close to me, we just knew each other through my job and when I would go out and see him. There was a connection to my father.

The Man In Black

Two months after my dad died, I had a strange dream that I was completely confused about.

I was standing by the stairs at my sister's kitchen, in her house. My dad was standing with a tall man wearing all black. He looked very sad. My father was looking at me and for the first time, I heard him speak in my dream.

The Pappa. Don't forget the Pappa.

I was so confused, why was he telling me about a Priest because that's what Pappa means in Greek. Then I looked at that tall figure. There was just something about him that looked familiar. When I realized who he was that's when I woke up.

I knew he looked familiar. I was a little nervous, from my father's dream. Now if my father was sending me a warning that he would be next, I would have to figure out how to say this to my friend. How do you tell someone: Hey I had a dream about you, and I think you're gonna die. You are going to look like an insane person as always.

I saw him a month later in the store. I had forgotten about the dream and so I didn't say anything. Although, I did get a weird vibe like I was supposed to say something, but I just couldn't. He was telling me about seeing his daughters. I never knew he was a dad.

Sadly a month after I saw him, I heard that he had a heart attack in the hospital and died. Just like that. Dead in a hospital. A place where they are supposed to help you.

If only I could have told him, maybe he could have watched what he did or drank, or who knows. Then again you don't know when you will get a heart attack, or worse.

Sadly, we can't control when our time comes, but maybe just maybe if we knew our time was coming, we could spend our last moments with those we love. Had he known his time was almost up, he would have said his proper goodbyes to his little girls.

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Paranormal World Girl
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