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The Heart Line

Occult Science

I've made spells that can bring down mountains, and spells that can build them.

I've made people fall in love and fall apart.

But this is a tale darker than any darkness, a tale of two lovers that loved too much.

A few years ago a shy young couple, both the underdog, not the cool kids or part of any particular group, both in love with one another for 3 years yet they'd never talked about it. They studied in the same place and took the same classes, but officially just friends.

One day a medium show came to a neighboring area, and a van carrying leaflets to the local event hit a bumpy road, leading to a bad latch coming loose and the door flinging open, another big hole and a few leaflet boxes fell out and leaflets flew everywhere, spreading all over lawns, onto car windows, into peoples shopping bags, almost as if magic.

Ebony was reading a book on her bed, when she spotted in the corner of her eye, a leaflet that flew through her window, landing beside her. Charlie had one fly right into his face as he cycled, leading him to crash into some bins and crash.

They both called one another about the strange leaflets and laughed about attending just to see all the crazy people. Don't get me wrong, Ebony and Charlie were not the type of kids to mock everyone, but they did believe that the occult was a big money making scheme.

Two weeks passed and finally it was the day, they went together, ready to point out all the smoke and mirrors, hoping to open the eyes of the believers they thought needed freeing from their ignorance. It was a 3 hour trip but they thought it was well worth it considering it was a day event, so plenty of time to corrupt the blinding industry that turned regular people into mind boggling zombies.

When they arrived they giggled at the entrance, it was something like you'd find at an amusement park, a big wooden gate, decorated with moons, starts, some crystal balls, silky curtain textiles and a lot of stereotypical images, the ticket taker was a very old man which they guessed was over 100 with that very eerie Hollywood feel to him. "It's all part of the show!" Ebony said out loud to Charlie, "Step right in, step right in and enjoy the show..." Charlie continued the gimmick.

They handed their tickets to the old man that had been silent and withdrawn the entire time, however he looked up at them and smiled exposing a glass tooth with an evil eye symbol making them giggle, "I'd be careful if I were you two," the old man said very ominously. "What?" Ebony asked a bit creeped out, Charlie still smirking. "Well this is a very powerful lot, and I don't think you are meant to be here, being a non believer and all," the old man continued. "Oh what made you say that? Our sarcastic comments, or was that your psychic vibes?" Charlie said sarcastically as he giggled, Ebony nervously trying to laugh with him. "Well you've been warned, and I'm 82 by the way, well you better get going," the old man said as he turned to the person behind for tickets. "Weird much?" Ebony said as she punched Charlies arm playfully.

There were so many little huts, stalls, and little caravan style huts, a lot of the stall holders appeared to follow the pair with their eyes leading Ebony to go closer to Charlie and hold onto his arm, "This place is creepy, let's hope they aren't part of a secret serial killer cover meet up," she said as she looked back at them, leading Charlie to look back at her holding his arm and pumping into a fortune teller. "Sorry!" Charlie said a bit startled.

The lady was in her 30s, dressed in regular clothing, but with one eye of each color and the black of the eye had sort of spilled into the color of her eye, "Heterochromia and Coloboma, that must be extremely rare," Ebony said fascinated. "Sorry, I study rare genetic traits in my free time, and I'd never seen either in person," she continued. "It is okay, but this isn't a freak show, nor is it meant for non believers," the lady replied calmly. "Let's go," Charlie mumbled as he pulled Ebony away.

They went into a large tent with a crowd of people, they had a plan to talk a lot of lies to the people around them in case there were spies in the crowd getting information for the fake psychics on stage. They told people that they were brother and sister looking for a message from their grandmother Lucile, and to add fun maybe their dog Badger that died in a tractor accident, that the grandmother used to love playing poker and was a pole dancer. They were very serious about it and had unbelievably good acting skills as they kept a straight face the entire time.

They took a seat, there was about 6 people being talked to about their loved ones on the other side before the psychic started, "Is there someone here wanting to talk about their grandmother, I believe there's poker involved and a dog killed by a tractor." They stood up with massive smirks and walked to the front "yes that's us!" Charlie said waving his hand as he walked, "that's our gran gran." The man put his hand on their shoulder, Ebony and Charlie gave a mutual understanding glare at one another in disbelief that their plan was working, a few more minutes and they would unmask the lie and reveal to everyone how the scheme worked. "Now I know you wanted to talk about Lucile" the man sighed, "I must say your uncle Donahue is finding it all very entertaining, he always had a thing for your comedy antics, didn't he Charlie?" They both went very serious, "and Julia thinks that the two of you will never change Ebony, I reckon she's right, and if you want to talk about pets, I think I'd rather talk about Rascal, he loved school didn't he?" Ebony ran out with Charlie running after her but he got stopped as the lady from earlier popped up in front of him. "Oh I'm sorry," she said smiling.

Charlie looked everywhere but couldn't find her, the place was so big and busy it would be nearly impossible to find her and there didn't appear to be anywhere to make an announcement or a central information point.

"Are you looking for your friend? Or should I say the girl you'd like to date?" The lady from before was behind him, casually leaning against a caravan. "What did you say?" he said perplexed. "Well your friend, I can help the two of you! Listen I know you came here to expose us and all, but if it is so fake, it won't hurt to try, I won't even charge you," she said smiling, she wasn't what your stereotypical image of a witch or medium or whatever you'd like to associate the occult to, she was stunning, young, modern dressed and very sensual, and she had a mystifying allure.

"Look I don't mean to be rude but I need to find my friend..." Charlie said hesitant. "Well if you come with me for 5 minutes I can do a little spell for free, and I will then help you find your soon to be girlfriend," she said as she disappeared into the trailer. Charlie wanted to walk away. "Well I'll listen to her stories and then she'll help me find you Ebony," he said mumbling to himself.

He went inside the cabin and saw her preparing some items, there was a chemistry style set ahead of her, looking more science than seance.

"Take a seat she said," he sat down in front of her silently. "Now give me your hand," she said calmly. He put his hand out towards her. She had both hands under the table and gently took one out to hold gently on his wrist. "Open your palm, you know the deal," she said calmly. He opened his hand, and she gently started to follow the lines with the tip of her nail, "this is the life line" she said, "and this here is the heart line, beautiful isn't it?" she said more excited as she suddenly grabbed his wrist firmly and her other hand came out from behind the table and poked him hard with something. He pulled back nearly falling of the chair and stood up away from her. "What the hell lady?" he said in confusion and shock, "I just needed a little bit of your heart line for the spell?" she said smiling and taking to the little chemistry set, dropping it into a test tube. "Why didn't you just ask?" he said rubbing his hand with the other, a a sharp stinging from the thing that jabbed him. "Because I know you'd have said no, considering this is a bit beyond the usual," she said mixing some things in the tubes. "You don't say?" he replied. The old man from the entrance came in with a box of test tubes and handed it to the lady. "Just in time as always," she said adding it to the mixture. "I think I'm going to go home now," Charlie said walking backwards towards the exit and left as the two people seemed to ignore him.

Charlie went all the way back to the entrance and stepped out through the big wooden doors as he saw Ebony standing there. "Where were you, you have the tickets to go home?!" she said frustrated. The door slammed shut behind him making him jump as Ebony walked onward towards the station. Charlie started to follow her when he heard the door creak open with the wind and looked behind him, the door flung open slamming open then shut then open, and at every time it opened the people and buildings appeared to dissipate. "EBONY!" he shouted. "WHAT?" she shouted back. "LOOK!" he shouted in disbelief as he pointed to the now gone event, Ebony turned around. "What the?.... We need to get out of here, this place gives me the creeps, this guy said he was going to help me find him and poked my hand with something, I just want to get out of here," she said as she picked up the pace.

The next day Charlie and Ebony noticed their heart line on their palms had disappeared when they went to check the place they got pricked in, and the spot looked swollen and puss was oozing out of it when they pressed it.

As the days went on, Charlie and Ebony grew more and more apart, but it wasn't just their relationship, Charlie and Ebony became more and more detached from everything and everyone, it was like they'd lost their heart, they became selfish, cruel, and insensitive to anybody but themselves and both ended up being arrested on multiple counts of homicide, it was like they'd become serial killers overnight, they then managed to commit suicide in jail despite constant supervision and the guards that had worked with them are said to have committed suicide with no explanation.

Now I am part of a good caring community of those that believe and practice the occult, however, we believe there is a great evil brewing. Multiple accounts throughout the world of two young people, that were always in love, suddenly became cold, murdered and then committed suicide and in all the cases there were people around them in the last few days that equally killed themselves. It's like a virus that just keeps growing. It is unknown to me what they are doing with the heart magic they appear to be harvesting, but it is believed they will use it to make the world fall in love with them and enable them to commit any atrocities without any repercussions. I just need to warn all of you in love to stay clear of anyone offering a love potion as you might well meet the same fate. You might ask how I'd know this, well, my grandfather confessed to me that he was working for an occult leader and that he'd met these two youngsters that reminded him of himself and his late wife when they were younger as they waited at the gates, and that he couldn't do it anymore as he couldn't take the guilt, sadly my grandfather was mildly delirious and passed away before he could tell me any more by a sudden heart attack. All I can hope is that his confession won't be in vain and that it helps stop whatever dark evil is upon us.

How does it work?
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