Nightmares and Demons

Sometimes a nightmare isn't just a nightmare.

Nightmares and Demons

During the night sleep can be fleeting. a branch against a window and sound like witches fingernails, or the house settling can sound like ghoulish moans. being afraid of the dark is a primitive reaction, and most of the time our minds can churn out tons of logical explanations when things get weird.

But what happens when our minds can't explain away the things we've heard and seen? What happens when we are forced to realize that the world we know and understand is just the tip of the iceberg? What happens when we realize that the nightmare we had was more real than we could imagine?

I am an undiagnosed sufferer of sleep paralysis. This is a condition at which REM sleep is reached, the victim enters a lucid dreaming stage and cannot move. The victim is totally aware that they are dreaming. And whatever is happening in the dream they are powerless against.

Scientists, psychologists, and doctors would like to believe that this is just "dreams" and our brains temporarily paralyze us. I don't totally believe this. I believe that there is a paranormal and supernatural explanation for this phenomena.

There have been claims of people being fully awake and experiencing this paralysis. They have reported seeing horrible creatures, demons, old hags, and black orbs. These are not one-time occurrences either, some people have experienced multiple occurrences spanning over several years. This is a very real experience. They are not hallucinations. This is probably the scariest thing that happens to me, I would like to share my experience.

I don't know how or when this thing attached to me, I know he is male, he is possessive, he is not human, and he does not like when I pray. That is the only way I can get rid of him. I don't know why he is here, but I do remember my very first experience with this thing. It was 2006 and I was about to go back to school starting my sixth grade year. I was laying in bed and I felt cold all over. so I cuddled under the covers to get warm. And then soon I was almost asleep and then my hair was pulled, a gentle tug, but it had enough authority to open my eyes immediately. I stayed up for a long time afraid to move. I cried when I felt hands on my face, arms, legs and feet. I finally and pathetically fell asleep from exhaustion.

Fast forward to 2015 it began again. I was settling in bed one night, reading a book with my reading lamp on. I remember feeling a weird sensation so I put my book down and laid my head on the pillow. Then all of a sudden there was this tremendous weight on me. My arms felt like they were under 40lbs of cement and my legs felt like the earth gravity was centered on me I was terrified. I went to tell for my mother, to scream and nothing came. I could feel my vocal cords straining, but no sound would come. It eventually let up, but it was the most horrifying experience.

Which brings me to my theory. If sleep paralysis is a "sleep " thing, why did this happen to me when I was fully awake?

More recent experiences are the entity tapping me on the shoulder or touching me, slight paranormal activity during the day, and nightmares as I believe he communicates with me in my dreams. I have had nightmares from hell, literally. He has shown me a black screen with nothing but screaming in the background. He has given me images that have affected me personally (I.e my husband telling me I'm not good enough and him having sex with another woman, my brother killing himself, my mother getting murdered, lovely gems like that,) My faith and belief in God has saved my life and psyche so many times. because when I pray, the horror in my mind disappears. On nights when I can't talk to fend him off I scream prayers in my head, I've forcefully told him to leave me alone, and that usually works.

I recently put up a dreamcatcher and cleansed my room. And it has halted so far. hopefully for me this will stop, but hoping doesn't stop the fear that he will come back.

I wrote this so that people can know that they are not the only ones who are suffering from this. You are not crazy. These things exist and they are scary.

Danica  Shardae
Danica Shardae
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