My Review of 'Insidious: The Last Key'

by Vega B about a year ago in movie review

Taken from the perspective of being a real-life psychic...

The beginning is really hard to watch. All too often children are hit, punished or beaten for "lying" because they see things others' don't. I was once, one of those children. Yes, before you ask, my mother was very understanding... my father not so much. He truly believed I was lying. The movie immediately hit uncomfortably close to home. (Though I was very blessed to not be poisoned and collared to a wall, and my father wasn't a sociopath as far as I know). She left home at 16. I left home at 17.

Then she has to go back to her childhood home, to put back what she let out when she was a child. My parent's house is undeniably haunted. There is a hallway in their house; adult or not, you run up and down it to get to the rooms at the end. None of us can explain why. I believe the land is sour and since moving 3000 miles away, my biggest fear is to have to go back down there for anything.

She gets to the house and the spirits lead her down into the basement... only to find that the guy who called her for help, kidnaps women. He did not know he was going to be caught but he has a very real fear of these things. She makes a statement in the movie after one of her assistants kills the man... "Some demons are very much so alive, and you just rid the world of one." The sociopath was apparently a religious nut job also, who came off as normal. Let. That. Sink. In. (If you have read my previous writings on here, I speak of living with a Sociopath, right behind my parents' house.)

No. Before you think this is the end, it is far from it. She meets her 2 nieces and sees her brother for the first time in decades. ( I too have a younger brother who still lives down there). He tells her he doesn't want to see her because she terrified him as a kid and left him with the worst monster of all, their father. He could never see what she sees and it scared and still scares him. Out of her 2 nieces she meets, one is attacked in the house. The other is name Imogene (which happens to be my mother's name), and she admits that she can see things too.

Further, into the movie, she sees herself as a kid... walking the "other" side. She introduces herself as a "friend" even though she is talking to her younger self. I do believe parts of this movie, the lessons, are to make peace with your past and save yourself because sometimes you are all YOU'VE got. (By the way, I own the exact same metronome that they use lol). The "demon" that was let loose all those years ago, has been fueling all the pain, rage, and anger that has been coming through the house for centuries (which can also be a partial testimony to the fact that some people are NOT mentally insane but being controlled or possessed by something on the "other" side).

Hate, anger, and rage can not drive out hate, pain, anger, and rage; only unconditional love can do that. Whatever you do in this world, whatever you are capable of doing to make the world a little better; keep doing it. You never know who is watching, who is learning or who you leave a lasting impression on.

In conclusion, this movie did help me figure out what to work past and thru... things I may not have even known were still bothering me. Might be about time to work through all this; before I see my family for the first time in almost three years, at my wedding in October. Who said TV and movies are mindless? LOL. I am hoping enough people see this movie to get just a glimpse of what people like me... someone who could be your neighbor, your best friend, your partner, your sibling and even your parent(s) may see our whole lives. It doesn't slow down, it doesn't let up and the longer you live with it, the stronger it gets. I am blessed to be married to a man that sees it all, as well. I know I am not alone in this, and I am never truly alone when seeing the "other" sides.

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