My Review of 'Bird Box'

It's rare that Netflix makes quality written movies. This is one of them.

My Review of 'Bird Box'

I know what you're already thinking: How can a Netflix movie be good? Well, it happens every so often. Don't get me wrong, the majority of the Netflix exclusive movies aren't very stellar. The majority of the movies on the streaming service are usually quick straight to video quality movies. They have a ton of romantic comedies which aren't too bad. Then there are a whole slew of so-called serious movies that are either not bad or you quit watching halfway into it.

I didn't really hear much about Bird Box until a whole wack load of people started talking about it. There are countless memes made at the expense of this movie. So the hype is starting to pick up. I guess word of mouth really is great advertisement because it got me to check it out.

What is Bird Box? Well basically it's about this fictional world where some mysterious monster comes out of nowhere and terrorizes the world's population. In this world, anyone that looks at the monsters directly will become suicidal and find a way to kill themselves. Most of the world's population dies as a result of this dilemma. There are a few that have survived looking at the monster but they're generally mentally disturbed people looking to make the rest of the population look directly at the monsters.

The main character of the story is Malorie, played by Sandra Bullock. She's a complicated character that has a very bleak view of her world. She's pregnant at the very beginning of the movie and seems to want to distance herself from everything around her. This apocalypse hits her town and all hell breaks loose. Everyone starts dying and she quickly finds out that she can't trust anyone. Luckily she's surrounded herself with a group of strangers that try to help her the best that they can.

The group of strangers all have very interesting personalities. The personalities are very realistic. I could see people acting this way if this crazy situation ever happened. They all have believable motives and are written very well.

Actually the whole movie was written very well. There is a lot of time jumping from present day to the past to explain what had happened in order for Malorie to get to the place that she's at. All of the actors did a great job, even the two kids Malorie ends up protecting. I love how they gradually show us how each of the characters evolve over time. You can sense that each of the situations that happen have a deep impact for each of the character's psychological well-being and it changes their motivations throughout the movie.

They had pretty good visuals throughout the movie. I'm glad Netflix splurged and gave this movie a good budget to make an actual good movie. I don't know if I would consider this a full on horror movie but it will get you tense. Thriller would be a better category for this movie. It will have you at the edge of your seat throughout the movie.

Overall, Netflix did a great job in green lighting this project and everyone involved with this movie did a great job. The story was fascinating and original, the acting was on point and the visuals were done very well despite the fact there weren't too many crazy special effects. I'm glad to report that they don't have any jump scare tactics to freak out the audience in this movie. They scared you the right way. They made us concerned for the characters in the movie and made us feel anything can happen. I would give this movie an eight out of ten. There is a little predictability to this movie but I think you'll be happy with the predictable portions of the movie.

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