My Friend Reported Poltergeist Activity to Me—Here's What Happened

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"It was gradual. After some time, my kitchen started acting up. Cabinets would open and close, the chandelier would start to swing."

My Friend Reported Poltergeist Activity to Me—Here's What Happened

This was my second week visiting my friend's home. While trying to capture paranormal activity, I had decided to interview him so that I could get his perspective. Here is what happened.

Me: Did you want to state your real name or choose a fake name?

Michael: My real name is fine. My name is Michael Smith. I’ve been living here for about four years and I’ve noticed paranormal activity in my home.

Me: When would you say the activity started?

Michael: The first year I moved here, I painted my room and during that time I had noticed small things happening. Some of my stuff would physically move. Out of the corner of my eye, I’d notice my game controller slide across my entertainment center just a little bit. Stuff like that.

Me: So you began actually noticing things move?

Michael: Yeah. It was gradual. After some time, my kitchen started acting up. Cabinets would open and close, the chandelier would start to swing. There were times I would leave my room and I would feel this strange presence run through me.

Me: What did your mother experience?

Michael: She traveled a lot. But when she finally came home in 2018, she definitely started to notice things as well. The activity itself became very noticeable that year.

Me: Let’s go over the room that you said gets really cold. The one I picked up a lot of EMF from.

Michael: That’s my son’s room. Another cold spot is at the doorway of our laundry room.

*I look straight ahead, taking a mental note of the laundry room across from where we are sitting.*

Me: It’s pretty warm outside. Do you still experience the cold spots?

Michael: The house usually stays around 80 degrees. There would be a time like the other day where I would leave my room to check on my son and it would be chilly. The difference was huge. I’d come back to my room to sit down and feel hot.

Me: I notice you have an AC unit. Any possibility it could be that?

Michael: Oh, no. I haven’t turned the AC on in weeks. I’ve had moments though where I thought someone else turned it on. Just because of the cold areas in the house. But it was turned off.

Me: Do you know who lived here last?

Michael: I know the owner’s last name. They owned the house, but they never actually lived here. It was his father’s place. I don’t really know if his father died in the house, but he used the house as a vacation home. He stays in Chicago.

Me: You mentioned someone had their hair pulled. Who was that?

Michael: My niece, Autumn.

Me: Did she go into any detail about how hard the pull was, or anything else about it?

Michael: My mom told me about it. I don’t know much more about that situation.

Me: Okay. That to me is alarming, so we'll be sure to dig into that another time with your mom and niece.

Michael: Something did happen the night after you left though.

Me: When I did the EMF sweep?

Michael: Yeah. My brother’s girlfriend had just woken up. She walked in as I was talking about the activity. I hadn’t bought up the kitchen yet. She walked right into the kitchen and pointed at the cabinet you recorded activity at.

Me: Are you serious?

Michael: She told me that was the cabinet that kept opening and closing. I didn’t mention the kitchen, didn’t tell her anything about it.

*This cabinet, in particular, had EMF signals like I had never seen. I’ll reference the video below*

Me: My main concern is an attachment. Do you feel any crazy emotions in the home that leave you when you go out?

Michael: No, nothing like that. Periodically there would be a voice in my headset when I’d be on a game.

Me: Not coming from other players?

Michael: No, this was distinct. It didn’t even sound human. I have a friend that kept telling me something was off because he was hearing things throughout the house.

Me: So you’re not the only one who’s heard voices?

Michael: No. I have another friend who used to bring his game console to play and he stopped coming over. He said one of the kid’s toys moved across the room and he freaked out and left.

Me: Wow, alright.

Michael: Do you know the game Smite for the PS4?

Me: Yeah, I’ve played it a little.

Michael: He was in the middle of playing that and he said in the middle of playing, one of my other controllers began sliding across the table.

Me: So it sounds like it’s been a little bit of everything moving around.

Michael: Yeah, exactly.

Me: Well, we’re going to stop it here and see what we can record. Thanks for letting me interview you.

Michael: Hey, I appreciate you coming over.

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