My Dreadful Story

by Joe Ocasio 2 years ago in fiction

Part 1

My Dreadful Story

Water drips... Three days and that's all I hear... Water drips. Depending on the time of day, I could barely see my surrounding with the glare that flies through the room. If I had any idea of what's going on in this situation I would be planning and acting on my next move, but I'm not ready. I don't know where I am, why I'm here or even how I got here... On top of it all, it's too dark. The only time I could get some decent light is when the old man walks in to bring me food and water. Why are they still keeping me alive? I can see the old man's fear and pity when he looks at me... As if somebody is forcing him to feed me.... Like an animal. I could knock the old man out and run out the door when he walks in again, but I don't know what's outside these walls... It seems too easy... But it's the only way. Is that what they want me to do? If I'm going to die, it's the only thing I can do.

Last thing I remember before waking up was walking into a gas station. It was empty, no one behind the register. I walked out back to check the restrooms, before I even reached a door the lights went out…that’s all I remember. My hands blister from shaving this rock for the last 14 hours, I still have my watch which is hard to read this dark but I try keeping track. I asked the old man how long I’ve been here after I woke up and he replied, “Just a day," before he apologized to me and walked out. I don't know what they want from me, but… oh shit… here comes the old man. As he opens the door I run up to him and hold the rock to his neck. He looks at me and says, “It’s ok, you’re ready to go out.” As I stare at him confused I let go of him and start walking out. I walk outside, and its just an empty hallway leading one way. “I’m sorry,” says the old man and as soon as I look at him the door shuts.

“Where the fuck am I!!” I yell pounding on the door then the lights flicker…. A faint woman scream vibrates my nerves from the other side of the hall.... I guess there’s only one way to go. Once I got to the end of the hall I noticed that the next room is walled up with doors, doors next to doors all around the room... The hallway lights behind me shut off when I walk into the room. Where the fuck am I?

I can feel the echo of my fear when the lights dim, illuminating a trail of bloody footprints down to the middle of the room. Maybe I shouldn’t follow this. As soon as I stepped a foot away from the trail, an extremely loud swarm of screams pierced my eardrums making me jump back and scream my soul out. “Woaaa! Wha… whe.. What the fuckk!?!?” Maybe I’m fucked and am forced to follow this trail. As I follow the trail towards the middle, the shadows dim the lights behind me as I get closer towards the middle. Surrounded by darkness, I stand in the middle under the light and as I stand there, a door opens on my left side. A door opens on my right side... Another door opens in front of me. I hear what it sounds like a four legged animal coming from my left side, and it seems to be picking up speed. As it gets faster, louder, and closer, I start running towards the door that opened on my right side. The stomps of every step kept getting louder and closer behind me so I quickly move out of the way making the animal hit the side of my leg, causing me to stumble and fall. It's too dark but I think I'm facing the right direction still. I keep running towards the doors. I can't seem to find the one that's open and I hear it coming back. As the sound gets closer I throw myself forward to the ground, making the beast slam on a closed door... He bolts away around the room giving me some time to run forward towards the last door that opened up. I quickly start feeling to see which door is opened... Finally! As soon as I close the door I hear it lock and the deer-looking beast slam itself into it. I look around the room... this has to be a dream.

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