Mr. Mix

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Mr. Mix
Part 1

Chat user 1: Hey, does anyone remember an old PC game from the early 1990s called "Mr. Mix''? I think it was mainly a typing game, similar to Mario Teaches Typing, where you have to type words into a box to make a chef put ingredients into a bowl.

Chat user 2: I don’t think so, I’ve never played it anyway.

Chat user 1: Not many do it was like really obscure for a learning game, not many stores sold it.

Chat user 3: Yo! Sorry I’m late to the chat and yes Mr. Mix was a thing, and it was a creepy game for me.

Chat user 4: Hey guys I’m here too, and what is this about Mr. Mix typing?

Chat user 1: Sup, and yes I knew I wasn’t making things up it did exist.

Chat user 2: Ok, so it does exist, but how is it creepy? It’s just a typing game right, all you're doing is learning how to type.

Chat user 3: Yea it is a typing game, but unlike most typing games, however, this game is notorious for having an insane difficulty curve. The game has a "Words per Minute" requirement for each level, being as low as 10 on level one, and as high as 85 on the third.

Chat user 2: Ok, so what makes this a creepy game?

Chat user 4: I vaguely remember this, but only that I threw it out because it was stupid. I’ll ask my parents about it.

Chat user 2: Why throw it out—it's still a good typing game?

Chat user 3: Probably because once you get to level five, the requirement reaches over 500, effectively making it impossible to proceed any further.

Chat user 1: Yea, and the main thing that people noticed about this game immediately was the background music. The music on the first level was an unsettling pattern of growls that got progressively louder as the level went on, often causing damage to early computer speakers that were not designed to handle extremely high volumes of sound.

Chat user 2: Ok so creepy music made this game haunt your dreams LOL? Sounds like Pokemon Lavender Town.

Chat user 4: I remember that and it's not that simple, it was like the whole game was completely off in a disturbing way.

Chat user 3: Yeah, the second level had no music at all and the third had what sounded like an extremely low-quality recording of a hairdryer playing in the background. The remaining two levels had an extremely loud high-pitched ringing throughout the level that caused severe eardrum damage to those who managed to get that far.

Chat user 2: That doesn’t sound real. How can a learning game cause you to have hearing problems? Do you remember who created the game, I can look up the history.

Chat user 4: Don’t bother.

Chat user 3: Yea, the history of the game is wiped clean.

Chat user 1: Really? That's hard to believe, it's the internet.

Chat user 2: They're right, there's not even a trace on the Dark Web... that's scary.

Chat user 4: That's not all... I found this web page of people who posted their experience with the game. Another disturbing aspect of the game was the design of Mr. Mix himself.

Chat user 1: Yeah, how can you forget an image like his. He was a large, round-faced, overweight man with large beady eyes and red spots on his cheeks.

Chat user 3: Most children who played the game reported having vivid nightmares of Mr. Mix speaking to them in a quiet, raspy voice, and threatening them to keep quiet about something.

Chat user 4: Yea, but the only problem with it was that none of them could remember exactly what that was. Mom told me the reason why she got rid of the game was that I would have violent nightmares about him.

Chat user 2: Now this is getting really scary. This is a real nightmare game that you guys played?

Chat user 1: Yea, I've only brought it up because of the nightmares... they... they're coming back...

Chat user 3: Really?

Chat user 4: How? you haven't played the game right?

Chat user 1: no I haven't played it in years.

Chat user 2: Let's find out more about the game, maybe we can find out why they are coming back.

Chat user 3: Ok, well for obvious reasons, this game did not sell very well. So because of that, it remained in obscurity. The web blog I'm reading says that a few years ago a few PC hackers got hold of a ROM of the game, and started digging through its code.

Chat user 4: did they find anything interesting?

Chat user 1: I'm not sure how much more I can stand to listen.

Chat user 4: Me either, by the way, does anyone else feel... uneasy?

Chat user 3: like someone is watching me... hey let's pick this up tomorrow, yea?

Chat user 2: I second that! It's way too late anyway.

Chat user 1: I third that movement.

Chat user 4: Fourth that.

Chat user 3: Alright guys night

(user 1 logs off)...

(user 4 logs off)...

(user 3 logs off)...

(user 2 logs off)...

Hey, guys join me in the next part it was getting a little too long. If you like these creepy stories/rituals, please show some support and donate to my page. I'll also be sure to branch out into other things that find my interest.

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