Movie Review: 'Dead House' (2014)

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Horror Film Review of 'Dead House' (2014), Directed by Brini Amerigo (SPOILER ALERT)

Movie Review: 'Dead House' (2014)

Scrolling through Hulu's horror movies, I stumbled upon Dead House (2014), a film directed by Brini Amerigo and produced by Marco Palese. I judged a movie by its cover and assumed that people were going to be trapped in a house full of flesh-eating, bloodthirsty zombies. That was 20 percent of the case, in my opinion.

The movie follows the brutalizing deeds of three assholes, Nibbio, Testamento, and Brett (played by Danny Cutler, Alex Lucchesi, and Alex Southern). They are introduced in the first scene as they hold two women at gunpoint, humiliating, assaulting, and killing them by the end of the scene (and recording the murder on film). I will admit that the graphics were great in this scene. But what the hell was up with that?! Later, the three thieves/murderers stumble upon a secluded mansion, and decide to rob the place, and, of course, torture whoever is inside.

The family that lives in the mansion is a scientist, his wife, and kids: John, Elena, Paul Pontecorvo (David White, Kate Davies-Speak and James Wiles). Nibbio, Testamento, and Brett psychologically and physically abuse the family; Nibbio threatens to rape Elena, and tries to emasculate John in front of Elena and Paul. There's about an hour and a half of torture and the three pyschos robbing and assaulting people, and I began to wonder: WHERE ARE THE ZOMBIES? Finally, when there was about 40 minutes left to the film, Testamento ends up stumbling upon a zombie that was locked in a basement of the house. The zombie attacks Testamento, and then Nibbio leaves Elena, Brett, and Paul to go find the source of all the noise.

While Nibbio is chased by zombies, and fighting with John, Elena convinces Brett to help them escape. Next thing you know, the whole house is full of hungry zombies, and a defeated, shot up, almost eaten John makes a phone call and says, "The project has been compromised." ... HE'S BEEN CREATING ZOMBIES THE WHOLE DAMN TIME? The movie switches back to Elena, Paul, and Brett escaping in a van, but they run into some more zombies, so they stop the van, get out, and fight them??? I didn't understand that part, they literally could've kept driving. Like hello, but amidst all the short zombie action, Elena ends up getting her head bashed in with a rock by Brett, and the zombies end up leaking all into the real world.

If I was to give the film a rating it would be a 2/10. The film devoted way too much time and screenplay on the three psycho-thief-murderer-rapists, and the torture they inflicted on people, and not enough on the "dead." How is this movie called DEAD HOUSE with only 30 minutes of zombie action? It just wasn't good in my opinion, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who loves zombie films. If you like watching televised torture and sadistic assholes go on a spree to assert their dominance, then this is the film for you.

Thanks for reading! Watch the film for yourself on Hulu, and let me know what you think!

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