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Message of the Mountain

by Naila 12 months ago in urban legend
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In a land called Aurora happiness is everywhere. Grozav the mountain was big and strong he protected the land of Aurora and the sanctuary. As he peacefully falls asleep he is woken up by a loud noise that causes an unexpected turn of events...

Message of the Mountain
Photo by Jack B on Unsplash

The land of love Aurora is the most beautiful place in the whole world. The great mountain Grozav wrapped around a valuable sanctuary that protected the life force of Aurora. Even though Grozav was the protector of the land, he was madly in love with his wife. Grozav was named the great mountain because it not only protected the sanctuary but stopped people from entering without permission.

Like any normal day the town was full of happiness people running around and laughing, suddenly the sky turned a dark purple, the gentle winds stopped moving and a flash appeared -boom- blots of lights shot down from the sky. The noises awoke Grozav from his slumber he yawned causing a gentle breeze over the whole land as he looked to the sky, it was a beautiful dark purple. He looked around to find blue sparkling liquid streaming down from the mountains around him, Grozav looked and saw the blue sparkling liquid pouring out of his wife. The lightning bolt had struck Grozav's wife from the tip of the mountain all the way to the ground killing her and all the people in the land. At that moment Grozav's heart shattered he screamed causing an earthquake to form this rage caused his essence to be turned into human form. As he walked around looking for survivors the whole town was in crumbles. He walked with haste in hopes to see the queen of the land; she could save the town and the other mountains using the sanctuary.

As Grozav walked to see the queen he was surprised the queen was dead. Grozav was the only one to survive, the emptiness of everyone's deaths never left him as everyone he loved was gone. Grozav cried so much on that day that it created a lake and his name changed to Dolorem (which means sorrow or pain). His sadness turned into hatred which caused his essence to take on a solid form of a human. 100,000,000 years went by and things changed, the mountain became silent and in his new form he was bonded to the mountain. Over the years people infiltrated the land of Aurora and tales were made about the people who lived there. They say if you ever encounter a man in a white robe on Dolorem mountain, walk away before you suffer his same pain and never experience happiness. Dolorem's broken heart left him unable to heal and every 15 years he is reminded of that day when the sky turns back to the dark purple it was on that horrible day.

¨ NO!!! What a sad story I wish Grozav….. Ummm I mean Dolorem was happy, it is not fair" said a little boy. The man looked surprised by the kid's reaction ¨ Not everyone has a happy ending. At least he got to experience what it was like to love someone and to be loved. When you meet someone you love hold them close and never let them go, you may never know when it's your last time with them. I regret falling asleep that day and not saying I love you to my wife." The kid looked at the man with fascination at what he had said ¨ummm I'm confused what do you mean mister¨. The man looked at the dark purple sky as tears fell from his face. He stood up from the oak log and said “little one you see I am that mountain and I am the cause of their deaths. For my actions caused the lives of my love ones to perish.” Dolorem walked towards the moon and looked back at the little boy as a group of leaves came swirling around he look at the sky as he vanish in thin air.

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