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Married Machina

Logging Love

By David BrandyPublished about a year ago 7 min read
Runner-Up in Unexpected Uncovering Challenge

For some it's an undergarment stuffed between the couch cushions, others its a cigarette pack hidden in a glove compartment. Nathan Campbell wouldn't be so lucky. For the undergarment would be a sign of a cheater, and the cigarette pack is a giveaway of someone's secret vice. Nate found something stranger, something that caused his blood to run cold...

One day, when he was doing the laundry, ol Nate found a severed electronic thumb.


Driving was surprisingly hard. His mind was racing and his toddler was screaming in the backseat. The whole time Nathan kept wanting to tell her to stop crying because he just found a severed human thumb in mommy's jeans pocket and he needs to process all of this. He didn't though, he didn't say those insane words to his toddler. No instead he drove with a pale face and wide eyes. His mind kept going back to the thumb in his pocket.

Embedded in the bone marrow were wires and they seemed to have some sort of connectors or plugs on some of them. When Nathan noticed them he let out a strange sigh, it was mixed with realization, fear, and confusion. He could tell that the skin on the thumb felt and looked totally real, but the wires told a different story.

Now, propelled by pure curiosity, he pokes at the bloody part and it doesn’t seem to bleed. Instead it seemed to stick to him a little, like it tried to connect to him. Fingering the thumb he marveled at it. Was it fake or was it real? Was it organic or mechanical?

He tried to put those questions away and just focus on where he was going.


/S1gnal Acquired.

Runn1ng Diagnostics

Surveillance Bo0t Up Initiated.\


He pulled into the overgrown driveway of his childhood friend, Wil. He would know what to do, he has seen a lot of Sci-Fi. Wil also would be his only friend that wouldn’t immediately call the cops, he possessed a few illegal things himself. He sat on Wil’s couch, explaining everything to him, while Olivia played Mario Kart on Wil's Switch in the next room... With headphones in.

“So you’re telling me your wife has a Terminator part?” Wil asked in a completely calm tone.

“Terminator? I mean. I hope that this isn’t dangerous,” Nathan responds hinting towards Olivia.

“Hmmm,” Wil said as he started to pace around his pool table. Something he does when he thinks, or is on the phone. He continued, “Maybe the threat is over because she already killed the Terminator and has to keep it a secret.”

“Kelly? A killer? Really Wil?”

“Oh yeah, you come in here telling me you found a robot thumb in your wife’s pants and I’m the weirdo,” He responds with dramatic sarcasm.

“Okay, okay…” Nathan said, “What should I do then?”

Will stops pacing and picks up a pool ball.

“Maybe nothing.”

“Maybe nothing?” Nathan quizs.

“Yeah, how long have you known Kelly? Four, maybe five years?”

“Dude, eight.”

“Yeah, sorry. Eight years. So let me ask you a question.”


“If she was to keep a secret from you would you trust her that it was for your’s or Olivia’s own good?”

“I… I don’t know.”

“Do you trust your own wife?”

“Yeah, I-”

“Do you?!” Wil got a little over the top. He could take things too far sometimes.

"Bro, yeah... I do."

"Then maybe you should trust her to keep you and Olivia safe."

That's when a chainsaw cut through Wil's front door.


The door didn't take long for the chainsaw wielding man to destroy revealing...

"Felix?" Nathan said when he recognized his next door neighbor.

"Time to die," The large, strange man yelled as he revved the chainsaw over head.

"I am never listening to you again!" Nathan yelled at Wil as Felix swings the chainsaw wildly. Was Nathan dreaming or did it look like Felix was trying to scare him and Wil out of the way so that he could get past them? Either way, they both jumped out of the way.

Felix barreled through the living room and headed straight for the dining room... where Olivia was.

"Wil grab him!" Nathan shouted

The two men grabbed a leg and the chainsaw wielding neighbor came crashing down. Felix let out a sigh when he saw that he narrowly missed splitting his head open with the saw, then he started kicking. He began to regret wearing cargo pants because Nathan and Wil both had hands on his pockets with death grips.

Felix struggled for a moment to break free, then remembering the weapon in his hands, he rolled over and pointed the blade at Nathan. Nathan almost craped his pants and let go of Felix, but Wil was a bit more bold. He front rolled.

Nathan had known Wil since he was a child, they had met in a martial arts class. In that martial arts class they had learned many things, one of which was how to roll forward in the case that you fall and need to catch yourself. In this case, Wil used this skill in the case that a chainsaw wielding ass hat has cut his way into your living room and is trying to murder your best friend's daughter.

When the roll was over... so was the fight.


"Uh..." Nathan said... It was all his brain could come up with at the moment.

"You mean, holy shit?" Asked Wil.

"Yeah... that one." Nathan said.

They both now stood over the neighbor corps, confused. The front roll didn't go well. Wil's ass landed directly on Felix's head and not only was there a crunch, but there was also a puncture. A strange blade now stuck out of Felix's chest at an odd angle.

"What is that?" Nathan asked, pointing at the metal petuberance.

"Oh, that was in my pocket." Wil replies.

"What was in your pocket?"

"My homemade ballistics knife."

"Your what?!" Nathan asks.

"Don't you want to check on Olivia?"

Nathan's response to that question came in the form of running to the next room where Olivia was still happily playing on Wil's Switch. Earphones in, volume all the way up. She looks up at them, smiles. Looks past them, turns ash white.


Both men turn around to find Felix standing behind them, chest wound still there, skull still cracked. But there was an addition something out of place... Something sticking onto his forehead.

"Th- Th- Thumb zombie!" Wil shouted as he pointed at the electronic thumb stuck to the forehead of the apparently dead man.

"What the fu-" Nathan started, then stopped because there was a chainsaw hurled at his face.

"I guess we aren't using that properly anymore." Wil said, putting up fists.

"You're gonna fist fight a zombie?!" Nathan shouts.

"You have a better plan?"


Then there was a sound. It was awful and loud. It was the strangest mix of human and machine. Your child's scream grabs your attention like nothing else but Nathan was now hearing that mixed with a broken techno concert.

Everyone looked at Olivia as she open mouth wailed like a siren. Not only was the volume and the back up dying computer sound outside her ability. But she seemed to be yelling for longer than any human could. It was like she had infinite air in her lungs.

Nathan and Wil fell to their knees and covered their ears but Felix just stood there with every muscle clenched. The strangest part, other than the fact that the dead man was standing, was that the thumb sticking out of his head was now flicking around like crazy. It moved faster than any finger could.

An eternity seemed to pass, or maybe it was only a few seconds, but when the screaming was over... Kelly was there.


"Babe?" Nathan asked as he saw his wife standing in was was left of Wil's doorway. He had a million questions, like how did she get here so fast? How did she know where he was? Did she know that their daughter moonlit as a police siren?

For a moment everything was still, except for Kelly's eyes as she scanned the room. She looked at each of them individually before simply lifting her hand to Felix. When he turned to look at her a small circle at the center of Kelly's palm turned bright red and the brightest beam of light Nathan could ever imagine came out of it.

The inch wide laser beam obliterated the thumb sticking onto Felix's forehead and then burrowed through his head and came out the other side. The beam stopped before it left more than a black smudge on Wil's ceiling. When the man had fallen to the ground, Kelly started to walk over to Nathan.

"Listen," She said with her hands out in an attempt to show that she is harmless, "There isn't much time to explain, so you will just have to trust me."

Nathan and Wil just stared. Olivia, on the other hand, ran to her mom and hugged her.

"Let's just put it this way, if I wasn't on your side, I wouldn't have saved you just now." Kelly said as she looked them both in the eye one at a time.

"So this is more like Terminator 2? Not the first one?" Wil asked.

"Yes." Kelly said.

"Okay." Wil said, then relaxed.

"That's all it took for you?!" Nathan shouted to Wil.

"Listen, if the lady who just took out the thumb zombie with her bare hand from across the room isn't attacking me and is saying she is on my team. That is good enough for me, besides, what choice do we have? Do you think you could take her in a fight?"

Nathan looked from Kelly to Wil and back. Then Kelly shook her head and shrugged, as to say, "No, you couldn't take me in a fight, so what are you going to do?"

With that, Nathan made a decision. He decided that he would embrace the love of his life, no matter what happens next. Then he took a page out of Olivia's book and hugged her.


/S1gnal Acquired.

Runn1ng Diagnostics

Surveillance Bo0t Up Initiated.\


About the Creator

David Brandy

My very first story crafting was an imaginary game that me and my two younger brothers would play when I was 12. My love of storytelling manifested itself quickly. Today I am a husband, father, and business owner.

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  • Babs Iverson12 months ago

    Congratulations on runner up!!!💖💖💕

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