Killing Spree

by Natalie C.. 9 months ago in fiction

Who will die?

Killing Spree

Stabbing the knife deep into her side, continuously pulling my hand up with the knife and forcefully pushing it back down. Seeing the dark red blood drip onto my fingers. I tightly grip the handle harder as I slide the knife out of her lifeless body. Feeling my body, I instantly stand up and slowly walk out of her house as if I were in a trance. The blade slowly dripping of her red blood all the way to her door and down her front steps. Beginning to shuffle my bare feet one at a time on the rough asphalt road all the way back home. Not breaking out of the trance, I opened the door of my messy home and went to the kitchen, starting to feel my blood stained clothes beginning to stick to my body. I pull off my shirt and gently wipe my bloody hands on it. Bending over I slipped my pants off and throw them in the trash, along with my bloody knife. I scrubbed my hands raw, sliding new clothes on as I crawled back in bed falling into a deep sleep.

Waking up the next morning I was even more tired than I was before I went to bed last night. Having no memory of what happened the night before, as if I was hungover from a party I don’t remember. Trying to shake off the sleepless night I start going over the plans in my head over and over again so I couldn’t forget them. I finally climb out of bed, feeling like I was confident enough. I starting to dress in dark clothing from head to toe and finishing the look off with some black leather gloves. I took a few small deep breathes as I gracefully bent over grabbed the rope at the bottom of my closet and throwing it over my shoulder. Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and yawning, “I must not have actually got to sleep.” Confused and sleepy I walk to the kitchen and grab a bottle of water from the fridge. My heart and mind beginning to settle on what I was going to do. “Take it slow don’t make any stupid careless mistakes. Everything will be better after you do this. Don’t mess up!” I gave myself a little pep talk before walking out the door of my home.

“This is it. This is my chance to make everything better,” I said to myself as I peeked over the side of the vehicle parked in a young lady’s driveway. Looking around I could see her moving around her home, appearing to be dancing in her living room as she cleaned. “She’s not as innocent as she seems!” Reassuring myself as I moved slowly around her car to the garage peaking glances at the girl as I set my backpack down and pulled out my rope. “There is no going back. You can do this. Make things right!”

Looking down at the rope I notice the blood stains from the previous victims thinking about it for only a few seconds then I pushed it out of my mind and headed for the door. Doing my best to stay as quiet as I possibly can so I don’t draw unwanted attention to myself. I take a deep breath and a few words crossed over my mind: “This is your fault.” Then I walked into the house the door squeaking slightly.

(To Be Continued…)

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