The First Worgen


Kapurnikis was a humble and very well-known blacksmith, princes and men from all over Atreia came to buy his magnificent work that he has done day by day. He was the best metal worker in the land of Atreia; everyone wanted his amazing swords, his intricate armors, and his very useful daggers. Not only was he a well-known blacksmith, he was a fantastic hunter. The pelts he made were glorious, the cuts from the animals, always perfect and extremely tender. Kapurnikis was a very brave man, he rarely ever caved to anyone or anything, he was also very humble about his work, never let any ones thoughts mess with him or the work he knew was flawless, but on this day, it took one night of hunting to completely change his way of thinking, in a way, you could say it changed his life completely.

Kapurnikis was always careful when it came to hunting, covering his own tracks, being careful not to be heard or seen by the animal he was hunting, and always kept his scent masked from the animals, the last thing he needed was those little bastards smelling him, but while he was out on one of his routine hunts, he noticed that it was starting to get late, later than he’d usually stay out, he knew he should’ve headed back, but he just couldn’t bring himself to do it without killing one caribou this week, it's been days since he's last seen one. He also knew that the animal's pelt would make a great leather, plus a prince was going to be in town and he had no leathers. He wanted to make sure he had his workshop stocked up and ready to go for when he arrived, he finally wanted to make enough money to get out of the surrounding villages and finally set up shop in the main city and finally be able to work there and have everything he needed at his disposal.

It was almost completely dark and Kapurnikis finally saw him, a huge caribou with his head down drinking from a stream. Kapurnikis moved silently and quickly, he knew he couldn’t let this one get away, its hide would make a perfect leather set. Kapurnikis found a good spot not to be seen and lined his arrow up and steadied his aim by taking a deep breath in, just then he heard some rustling behind him, he knew he couldn’t turn his back so he ignored it, this was the first caribou he’s seen in the past three days and he intended on having it. Just then a deep growl rang out from behind him scaring him and making him miss his mark, when he got scared by the growl, he shot off the arrow and it whizzed past that caribou's head and startled it, he couldn’t do a single thing but watch as the caribou ran off into the dark night. He checked behind him and even the bushes behind him to see what animal was hunting him, but nothing was there. He picked up his catches for the day and the rest of his items and started to head back towards the tiny village he called home.

As he was heading home, he could feel that he wasn’t just being followed; he was being hunted, by someone or something, just then he heard something behind him, he turned around to look, but nothing was there, he decided to pick his pace up a bit. Just then he heard a deep growl behind him, he stopped dead in his tracks and slowly turned around. His jaw dropped, he saw a huge best standing on two legs, it had the facial features of a wolf, huge claw like hands, and huge paw like feet, it walked up right like a human, but could run like a wolf, it stood about 6 feet tall and Kapurnikis could see how strong this thing was. He turned around and started running as fast as he could, just then this horrid beast let out a loud and horrific howl and started taking off after him. His heart started to race, he started to panic, he has never seen a beast like this before. Kapurnikis turned his head to look behind him, just then the beast jumped up and landed about 7 feet in front of him and he stopped dead in his tracks and slowly backed up a few more feet. It turned around and faced him, Kapurnikis swallowed hard, he now stood face to face with huge mysterious creature, he could now see that it was on all fours like a wild animal, it stood up and inched towards him a bit, Kapurnikis slowly moved back as the beast inched closer. It got back now on all fours, let out a horrific roar and darted towards him and the jumped him, Kapurnikis used his bow to keep the beast from mauling, it was snapping its jaws and trying to break his bow. Kapurnikis was trying to reach for his boot knife during the struggle, but just then the beast swiped his bow from his hand and then pinned him down with one of his large claw like hands.

Kapurnikis was now looking this beast in its eyes, just then it went in for its attack and it managed to bite him right on his neck, Kapurnikis let out a loud cry of pain, but at the same time the beast was trying to tear apart his neck, he managed to get his knife from his boot and shoved it into the beasts chest and it hit his heart, the beast unclenched its jaws from his neck and released its grip from having Kapurnikis pinned. He threw the beast off of him and off to the side, he felt his neck, not fatal enough to kill him, but bad enough to need stitches, he could feel that he was bleeding, he ripped off part of his sleeve and used it to clean himself up, he then looked at the strange animal that almost took his life, he was confused, he had never seen anything like this before. He grabbed his knife from the beast's chest and made sure it was dead, he then started to gather up his thing, got the rope from his bag, and tied the legs of this strange beast and started to drag it home. He had already had his neck wound wrapped with another piece of his sleeve, he knew this animal's hide would make a great leather set regardless if he knew what it was, but first things first, he had to clean out the wound on his neck and this walk felt like miles of hiking from him dragging this huge, heavy beast behind him, but he finally had made it back to his workshop. Once he got there he hung the giant beast up in his back room and started to let the blood drain out, he then headed right to his bathroom to check on his neck, as he was looking at it, it looked like it was getting worse, but this was no normal reaction he ever had to anything ever before this.

The wound on his neck was now a tad bit fuzzy and the skin around the wound was darkened, the bite marks in his neck almost looked like a freshly healed cut, he got concerned and worried, but shook it off, and headed back towards the work room. Once the beast was drained he got to work, he skinned all the animals he caught, tanned them, and then started to make the leather set. He started with the beast who almost killed him. Once he finished the leather set, he started to cut the meat off the animals and packaging them up for tomorrow morning to sell. All of a sudden Kapurnikis started to feel sick, he kind of forgot about the wound on his neck and figured he was hungry. He took one of the steaks he just cut and started to filet it, once it was done he ate and felt slightly better. He just then remembered about his neck wound and went to check on it, and he knew it, it had gotten worse, the fuzzy area was now covered in what looked like to be wolf hair, the entire skin around it and on the area was now almost black, and the wound was completely healed, it started to hurt again and itched like crazy, Kapurnikis had no idea on what to do, he decided it was time for him to get some sleep and hopefully it’d be better by morning.

He covered his neck back up and started to lock up shop, as he was heading home he started to feel sick again and very light headed, he picked up his pace towards his home. Once he got there he quickly got ready for bed he checked on his neck again and it seemed like it hadn’t gotten any worse at all, he covered it back up and went to sleep. As he was sleeping something happened to Kapurnikis, he went through a metamorphosis, the wound on his neck was infected by the animal's toxins in its saliva, just the Kapurnikis woke up from stomach pains, he quickly went to the bathroom and threw up, he washed his face right after that and looked in the mirror, he was shocked. The wound on his neck was gone, the fur from the original area had spread to parts of his face, neck, chest, and shoulder. Just then he was feeling pain shoot all over though his body, he let out loud cries of pain and agony, but his cries started to slowly turn into barks and howls, he looked around and his gaze had met his mirror, he couldn’t believe it, he had tuned into the beast that he had killed only hours earlier.

Rage filled his body, he swiped the mirror off the wall, he then turned and looked over at his closed bathroom window and then jumped right out through it into the night. He was running on all fours just like the beast had done, his eyes could see everything in the dark, he was fast, and he could feel how strong he had become, just then as he was running towards the night forest, something caught his nose, to him it smelled amazing, he couldn’t tell how far it was or what it was, but he wanted it. He then turned around and took off after the smell he had caught. He felt the rage and anger running threw his veins into his muscles, this amazing scent he picked up was all he could think about, he could imagine himself tearing open and ripping it apart while it was still living, seeing the life drain from its eyes filled him with excitement and he started running faster.

The scent was growing stronger and stronger; he slowed down and started hunting it. He was sneaking around what seemed to be a hunter’s camp ground, idiot, he thought, you NEVER leave raw meat cooking on an open fire while you sleep, just then he darts towards whatever the hunter left on the steaks dung into the by the fire. As Kapurnikis was doing so, he managed to burn himself a bit on the fire and let out a loud yelp. He quickly ran into the dark forest and hid once more, damn it, let's hope I got the hunters attention though, his animal instincts were growing stronger and stronger, animal flesh no longer smelt as good to him. Kapurnikis sat and waited for the hunter to emerge from his tent. As he saw the hunter crawl out of his tent, Kapurnikis was getting ready to go in for the kill when he noticed one thing, the hunter was armed and ready. He had to disarm his pray in order to go in for a clean kill without harming himself any more that what had done on the fire while he was snatching the animal meat. The hunter then starter to wander a bit from him campground, Kapurnikis followed very closely and quietly, he was waiting for the hunter to let his guard down.

He saw the hunter take one last sweep over the night forest, “Whatever it was, it's gone now, damn thing took my meal, whatever. I’ll wake up early and find a quick breakfast.” The hunter said to himself aloud, Kapurnikis knew this was going to be his chance. Just as the hunter put his bow down, Kapurnikis jumped from his hiding place, tackled the hunter, and pinned him down. Kapurnikis leaned in, took a deep breath of the hunters scent, and then let out a growl of content. He could see the hunter was trying to reach for a knife in his boot, Kapurnikis swiped the boot off and left deep gashes in the back of his leg, the hunter screamed in pain, Kapurnikis smiled and dove in. He grabbed the hunter by his neck with his jaws and flipped him over and slammed him back down. He was now staring at the face of his pray, he let out a growl that turned into a loud howl and then he stared back down at his pray and used his big bear like claws and started slashing into his chest, the hunter was letting out loud screams of pain and agony. Kapurnikis felt alive, he felt in control of life, he loved this feeling that he had in this form. Kapurnikis dove in, jaws wide open, a tore open the hunters chest, and he let out one final cry and bleed out. He loved what he had just done, he only wanted one thing from this kill, he used his jaws and ripped out his heart and devoured it. It tasted amazing, it was the perfect amount of sweet and savory, it was tender, but juicy. He backed of the hunter’s body and left, he darted back towards what he knew to be home in this form. He snuck through the quiet and dark village towards his house, he managed to get there unseen and dove back in threw the bathroom window, he crawled into his bedroom and passed out on the floor.

Kapurnikis woke up the next morning, dazed and confused. I had the weirdest dream, he thought to himself, but besides that, what am I doing on the floor? Kapurnikis felt a pounding in his and it was excruciating, he turned around to head to his bathroom and was struck by fear and surprise. His bathroom was destroyed, there was a huge gaping hole where his bathroom winder used to be, the bathroom mirror was shattered in pieces on the floor, the sink was bent downward and slightly cracked, he could see claw marks all over the walls of his bathroom. He quickly shut the door and changed his clothes, he quickly ran out to the forest hoping no one saw him, he was navigating his way through the forest and using his “dream” to help him. He then stumbled upon an abandoned camp ground, he bent down, he could see huge prints in the ground and the fire pit was destroyed. He stood back up and looked around to figure out more, he ran down a path a few miles away from the camp and stumbled upon a body. He dropped to his knees, no, this can’t be real, I couldn’t have done this, he thought franticly, before him laid the body of the hunter he had just killed the night before, his abdomen was ripped to shreds, his heart was missing, and what made it even worse is that he knew this hunter. He had sold him a leather set just days before, he knew he had a family, a wife, and 2 kids. He slowly stood back up, there was only one thing he could do.

He ran back to his home and grabbed a knapsack and started packing up, he then quickly headed over to his shop. From there he grabbed a few knives, 2 bows, and 4 arrow quivers. He then headed towards the stables, grabbed a horse and left. He knew if people found out and tried to put things together, they’d blame him, this way it looks like one was killed by an animal and I was taken by something. He knew it was time to move on and find a new home where this wouldn’t find him. So his journey began.

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