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Johnny's Stolen Liver..

by Cosmo Carr about a year ago in psychological
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Have you heard this campfire horror story before? Here it is retold from the images conjured up in my mind as a child.

Johnny's Stolen Liver..
Photo by Simon Wijers on Unsplash

It was a chilly January evening. Johnny was helping his mother prepare a liver stew after school. "Oh shit" he heard his mother say. "We have forgotten the liver Johnny!" she exclaimed. Their car broke down after driving home from the store earlier that day. Johnny considered the disappointed look on his mother's face and decided it best to walk.

"I'll go back, ma" he promised her. "Johnny no! It's freezing and that walk must be at least four miles! Your tattered coat will not keep you warm enough." He argued with her for a moment before dipping out the front door. He would rather have the stew anyways, it was worth the walk.

He began down the winding path to the store, through a shaded area where the wind blistered his skin, chilling him to the bone. It had only been about a mile before Johnny felt his toes beginning to go numb. Was it getting colder? Johnny walked around a bend in the woods, and noticed something strange.

Was that... a foot? He squinted, walking closer. Johnny gagged. In the distance he could see a car had spun out, tumbling through the trees. A man must have been ejected from the car. Johnny uncovered a bush to view the man and check for a pulse. Nothing, the poor guy was dead. Johnny did not have a phone. Oh, it was so cold. Another three miles and I will look like this guy, thought Johnny.

An idea flashed through Johnny's mind. No... He couldn't. He wouldn't...But, maybe he had to.

Johnny gagged as he held open the obvious flap of abdomen on the man. His guts began spilling to the side. He looked around him, still in shock at what he had seen and what he was about to do. He stuck his hand into the man's stomach, feeling around for the rubbery liver. He grabbed his pocket knife and cut the organ loose.

Johnny's hands shook as he placed the man's liver deep into his left jacket pocket. He placed his hand carefully over the liver, gagging at the touch. He had to hold it to keep it thawed. It began to snow and Johnny trotted his way back home. Was he crazy? His mom would surely notice the difference too, but he couldn't disappoint her. She needed the protein as she was looking frail lately.

Johnny carefully walked up to his house, nose red from the cold and legs shaking from the adrenaline. Perfect. His mother must have drawn a bath while he was gone, so she should be occupied for an hour at least. He carefully took the liver from his pocket and threw his coat in the washing machine. As he made his way to the kitchen, he heard his cat Lunala hiss at the wet liver in his hands. He snuck into the kitchen and began to prepare the liver stew as his mom usually did. Johnny had not seemed to process what he had just done in the woods.

He hummed as he stirred the stew. He heard the bathroom door creak open. "Hey mom!" He greeted her, with a strangely delightful tone. She looked at him, surprised, and the blood drained from Johnny's face. "What?" He asked. "Oh Johnny you are back so early! How did you make such a fast trip?" Johnny lied and told her a friend saw him at the store and drove him back home. She grabbed bowls for them from the cabinet and complimented the smell of the liver stew.

As they sat down at the table to eat, Johnny was overcome with a wave of nausea. It was starting to sink in. What had he done?! He heard his mother slurp up a hearty gulp of his horrid stew and he gagged. "I am getting a migraine, I'm going to lay down ma" Johnny said. "Feel better soon, your stew will be in the microwave, nice seasoning on there son!" As Johnny laid down in his bed, panic set in. He had taken someone's organ. He will be arrested, right? His mother ate the stew! Oh, the thoughts overcame Johnny and he took a sleeping pill to relax.

As he drifted off into a horrible, uncomfortable sleep, he heard a faint voice in the distance, and began to dream up the image of the man in the woods. "Johnny..." He heard. "I want my liver back, Johnny"

He shot up from his bed in terror. Johnny cried and took another sleeping pill to doze off. He heard the faint voice again, but this time in the dream, he was walking along the winding path to his house. "Johnny.... Johnny.. I want my liver back..... I'm going to kill you." He shot up from his sleep again, drenched in sweat. Johnny couldn't take it. He began to weep in his bed at the images before him. The police would surely be at their door in the morning.

He pulled out the mini safe he kept in his dresser, and took a couple of Xanax so he could sleep peacefully for the rest of the night.

Around two in the morning, Johnny had the same dream. He was standing right in front of his front door, listening to the voice, which sounded much more clear. "Johnny. I want my liver back. I'm going to kill you. I'm coming in your house" Johnny once again shot up from his bed, adrenaline pumping, breath heavy. He was going crazy. He didn't want to see the man anymore. He didn't want to live with what he had done.

Johnny downed the bottle of Xanax and laid back down, weeping tears of regret. He wrote a note on his nightstand for his mom, "sorry for the liver" He closed his eyes and tried to doze off...

"Johnny... I want my liver back. I'm going to kill you. I want your liver. Johnny.." Johnny couldn't move, so he laid there overdosing, watching the terrible dream before him unfold. Johnny walked up to his bedroom door in the dream. He opened it, seeing himself laying on the bed. He looked so pale. "Johnny... I'm here.. I want your liver.." Johnny walked up to himself and looked over his dying body. "Johnny.. I'm going to kill you..." Johnny stabbed his liver in the dream, forcing his abdomen open and removing it like he did to the man in the woods. Johnny took his last breath and the images finally stopped.

The next morning was a nightmare. Police came knocking on the mother's door first thing in the morning. "But my Johnny would never do such a thing!" She exclaimed. "I'll show you, come on in. He's asleep I'm sure he can answer your questions officers" She opened the door to Johnny's room and fainted at the sight of her son. Johnny laid there, pale and frothing. The Xanax bottle next to his hand.

There was so much blood. His mother screamed as she pulled back the covers. Johnny's abdomen was cut open, guts spilling all over the bed. On the table next to him was a note that said "Sorry for the liver"

That is one of my favorite campfire stories as a kid. I hope you enjoyed my version. Here is the version most similar to what I was told as a kid.



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