It's A Cra-Zee World

Do You Believe?

It's A Cra-Zee World

When I was a young girl, I didn't really wonder about death or heaven or hell. My worries were that if it rains I will be bored in my house and not be able to play outside. Back in the 80s, sitting outside with your friends was the "it" thing. To me, life was simply perfect, and I had no care in the world. Boy did life have a plan to wake me up.

Why paranormal, you say?

The story went that, before I was born, my grandfather had passed away. He had foreseen his death and two others. Apparently, you have heard the saying"death comes in threes." Well, it does to me. What I didn't know was that it could be passed down from generation to generation. It wasn't just death for me; I was seeing more than that.

I used to be terrified of death and wondered how it happens, and, just like that, you stop breathing. You disappear from this world and your loved ones mourn you and remember you. It's almost like you are wiped off the face of the earth.What's left is a monument with your name on it and your photo, or you can be cremated and your ashes will be scattered at your favorite place. Life will have to move on without you.

Do you really get to see the grim reaper?

Grim Reaper... Does he really come for you when you die?

Have you wondered, when you die, what will you see? Do you see the grim reaper standing there, waiting for you? According to statements from people through Youtube and real-life events, they say that they have seen relatives who have passed on waiting for them. I have also read that apparently there is good and evil fighting for your soul before you go. I'm still confused about that—haven't really heard real testimonials about that—but it would be great to hear about those stories. No one has stated yet that they saw The Grim Reaper. Maybe it was only in the movies like Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. My mother told me a few hours before my father had passed that she was asking if he saw anyone from his family, and he kept on pointing to the corner, so maybe there are people waiting for us when it's our time to go. Who knows?

Do you believe in spirits?

When loved ones die they somehow find a way to communicate with us to let us know they are fine. Most likely, you can find them in your dreams or in energy. I mostly see those that have passed through my dreams, although I have had one pretty awesome experience with my grandfather—yes that same grandfather who foresaw his own death. That is a whole other story. You probably would think I am crazy for saying this story, but it's true.

Not a topic of conversation during family dinners or gatherings during the holidays, but sometimes it's nice to actually be able to speak to people who believe in this.

"So how is your new house?"

"Oh yeah, it's great—and haunted."

The whole table is staring at you. Not a pretty sight. Then comes the fake smiles, then they whisper behind your back, and soon you become the crazy person of the family. So just laugh if you get the stare and say, "Just kidding." Someone will believe you and some won't. You choose who you tell your story to. Don't worry. I don't think you're crazy.

Although there's a downside to this, sometimes there are negative energies that come through as well. My guess is they are spirits that didn't die naturally, and they have unfinished business. I have felt a lot of that negative energy, especially at the cemetery. It's sad when someone leaves brutally, especially when it's not your time. Maybe it's time we try to listen to their message; after all, they want to be heard, too. They also have loved ones that are in pain.

The Cardinal

Where I live now I have heard that cardinals are all over the place. I rarely have seen these beauties untill a month ago. It was standing in front of my window, and suddenly I felt a calmness and I knew that it was my father or my loved one watching out for me. It sat there for a little while waiting for me to acknowledge it, and then it was gone. I do believe they are around whenever I am celebrating something or going through a very difficult time. It is very true. They are fascinating birds that I always enjoy when they visit.

Where do we go when we die?

Heaven is for real?

In my dreams, I have died a million ways and a million times, but here I am still breathing. Although, I can't say that for the deaths I have dreamt about, those have come true. The priest will tell us in church that, if we follow the lord and believe in doing good, our souls will go to heaven and be one with God. Now that is a whole other conversation because everyone has their own opinion and, like I have said, no one is here to judge. Those that do, I believe, have a lot of insecurities they need to go over.

Hey, no one is perfect. Remember that. So the next time you hear something weird like the radio going on when it's off, maybe it's a loved one trying to connect with you. You are not alone in the world. I know I am not, and I used to be a little nervous about this, but not anymore. I believe, do you?

How does it work?
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