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Inspector Rishi Web Series Review: Not for a Pro Audience

Is Inspector Rishi Worth Watching?

By Ayush VermaPublished 14 days ago 3 min read

Guys, horror is that genre, which personally fascinates me a lot. I mean, I want to watch such a horror show or horror movie that one feels scared after seeing it. I have not seen a show or movie for a long time that has that element of fear in it.

Recently, a horror show, Inspector Rishi, has been released on Amazon Prime. Is this show worth it or not? Let's find.

Inspector Rishi Story

Inspector Rishi is an originally Tamil show in which the story revolves around a small village. Now there is a jungle near that village where murders are happening one after the other. Inspector Rishi comes to solve this case, and the villagers believe that there is a ghost behind the murders that are taking place.

Overall, what is the mystery behind all the murders that are taking place? To know whether there really is a ghost or not, you will have to watch this show, which has a total of ten episodes. Each episode is 45 to 60 minutes long.

Inspector Rishi Review

Now, if I want to review Inspector Rishi for you all in one word, then disappointing. When the trailer came, there was a lot of hope from within that yes, at least once, watch this show, which has thrills, tension, intention, and supernatural elements. All these elements were expected to happen, but finally, after seeing the show, there was only disappointment.

First of all, the substance in the story is not so big that long episodes can be prepared for it. I mean, even if there were six episodes in this show, it would not have made much difference because the substance is the same, but in order to show things off track, the show has gone on for too long without any reason.

The second problem is that all the horror elements that this show offers to all of you are quite childish. Yes, there was a time when all this was in demand, but nowadays no one likes to watch such horror.

Apart from this, the angle of police investigation is decent, although we all have already seen such investigation-type things in many shows, so it could not present anything new.

In my opinion, a little more money should have been spent on this show because the VFX is poor and the scenes are not presented that well, but the BGM is good and works well in some scenes.

The acting of the actors is also decent; no one has done extraordinary work, but in the meantime, there was no cringe.

Well, the problem is also with the characters; they are not seen as well as they should have been. Apart from this, you also get to see an angle of LGBT here, and this thing frustrates me a lot now.

I have a question for the makers: you are making a horror show in which there is a supernatural element, a police investigation, or a mystery. Now, what is the use of LGBT among them? It doesn't make any sense at all, which was again very disappointing.

When the suspense reaches its climax, the problem arises because you must have already seen all that in other movies or web series. Especially for a pro audience, climax will seem useless, but if you are new to the web series world, maybe that twist and suspense might work for you.


The show didn't live up to the fun we saw in the trailer. It's a big disappointment. Plus, it's not suitable for families because of the bad language and kissing scenes. The Hindi dubbing is just okay, thankfully not as bad as some Disney dubs.

So, friends, that was my take on Amazon Prime's latest offering, Inspector Rishi. I hope you enjoy this review ride. Don't forget to support me for more content like this.

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