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In Two

by Amy Lynn Jenkins about a year ago in fiction
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The Last Night

In Two
Photo by Nsey Benajah on Unsplash

This was a difficult night for Shawna, probably the worst one she had in a long time. She reminded herself to breathe in slow, deliberately timed breaths yet her hand still shook as she poured the hot water into the cup with the teabag. She knew she would not fall asleep again, so to the couch she went to sit. That was all she wanted to do; just sit in the stillness and quiet for as long as she could. Katie was gone for the night, Shawna was sure of it.

Early the next morning Shawna was on the phone with the publisher discussing the new contract. What Al said to her just yesterday echoed in her mind. Would she be able to commit to a series? Could she handle it? With the latest drama from Katie Shawna wasn’t as sure as she had been before. As she hung up the phone Katie emerged from the bedroom.

“Are you talking to that skank again? Why don’t you just get rid of her, like really get rid of her, I mean she will eventually die anyway. Haha.” Katie taunted.

“You know I have had just about enough of you and your trash talk, if you don’t like who I talk to you can leave!” Shawna snapped back, Katie let out a whole hearted guttural laugh before replying with;

“Leave! Then who would be here to listen to your pathetic ass whine and cry all the time? Huh? Admit it You need me, if I weren’t here you’d probably have killed yourself a long time ago!”

Shawna’s face contorted into a mixture of disgust and anger. She could feel her heartbeat quicken, her face turning hot and the tears welling up in her eyes. This was it; this was her moment to let it all out. “I DON’T NEED YOU ANYMORE!” Shawna was screaming, “You and your sadistic jokes always putting people down and talking crap! People are people! They make mistakes; get the hell over it! You act like you are the only one crap happens to and you’re not so get the fuck over yourself!”

“ME? Me get over myself?” Katie was quick to reply, “look who's talking little miss ‘my life has no meaning help me, please I hate myself I wanna die.’ Where would you be if I hadn’t found you and helped you survive?”

“ Helped me? You haven’t helped me, you've done nothing but cause me more trouble and convince me to do things I never wanted to. You with your party lifestyle; any guy any place and any time. I’m surprised you don’t have a disease!” Shawna’s whole body was trembling now.

There is a knock on Shawna’s front door. Both women turn and look at it.

“Shawna, it’s me, it’s Dr. Paul. I have officer Davees here with me. He got a call about yelling. Is Katie in there with you?”

Katie suddenly grabs Shawna’s throat again and begins to squeeze. “Don’t you dare tell him I’m here or I will end you!” Katie threatened.

“Shawna,” Dr. Paul continued, “I’m going to use the emergency key you gave me to let myself and Officer Davees in ok.”

But it was too late, Shawna had already slipped into unconsciousness.

Shawna felt foggy as she tried to open her eyes. She recognized where she was; at the hospital again. The pain seared her throat when she tried to swallow. It reminded her of all that had transpired. Tears began forming in the corners of her eyes as the realization sunk in. It had happened again. Desperate for help; maybe even relief she meekly called out for Dr. Paul. He didn’t come; no one did. She tried again to call out for someone. This time Katie stood in the doorway with a young man about six feet tall, jet black hair and bright blue eyes.

“Hey there bestie, haven't seen you in a while, how ya doing” Katie said with a sadistic smile.

“Help... me.” Shawna could hear the panic in her own cry.

“I want you to meet someone,” Katie continued as if Shawna hadn’t said a word, “this is Doug, he’s gonna be hanging out with us from now on.”

Shawna’s tears start falling as she lets out a blood curdling scream, “NOOOOOOO!”


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Amy Lynn Jenkins

I am a novice writer just looking for a place to get feedback!

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