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I Will Come, Eventually

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By KelPublished about a year ago 3 min read
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I Will Come, Eventually
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It was a dark and gloomy Tuesday night the hospital hallway was empty, with nurses and doctors busily at their stations attending to their obligations; not a single soul was in sight. Only the faint murmurs of the machines beeping and sounding away. Even the sound of voices seemed not to echo as they would, only indecipherable mutters.

Thats when the dark green curtain of the emergency room rises to gust of the wind and reveal two bodies. You quickly took notice and make your way over to their charts. One, a police sergeant who met his fate at the hands of armed robbers who shot him three times to the head. The second body was that of a gymnast who broke his neck while doing cartwheels in a competition.

Both these men were alive just a mere few minutes ago when they were brought in, but now they lay lifeless with eyes open, as if they were trying to fend off an invisible force trying to steal their very lifeforce. Over the years, you've seen your fair share of death, but very few look as petrefied as these two poor men laying infront of you.

Then along came the sound of familiar footsteps, for it is time for the nurses to make their rounds, and two proceeded immediately to the emergency room but were stunned after finding out of their sudden death. Personnel and equipment were scrambled immediately in the hope to revive the two, with the defibrillator they exhausted all means, but their efforts were in vain for the patients are dead. You just stand there in confusion, its as if your paralysed and you don't know why.

Just as one of the nurses was about to cover the dead bodies with blankets, one of the night shift nurses saw that the window of the room was open and that a bloodied scythe was lying on the floor.

She picks it up thinking that perhaps a visitor doing a trick or treat might have left it there, but as soon as she picked it, she saw visions, though blurry at first but the picture slowly cleared and she saw the two bodies just as if they were lying there but the scythe that she’s holding was carried by another being, with a shadow that’s as black as night and who’s face was hidden by a hood. The being stabbed the two bodies, and in the nurse’s eyes she saw that which seemed to be their souls were wailing out from their once alive bodies into the being’s hand. Moans and laughter can be heard.

Suddenly, fear gripped the nurse as she now knows that what she is holding is the scythe of death himself, and as she was about to throw it out the window, everything flickered and went black. Her companions, who saw what is happening, screamed and tug the scythe off her hands but it will not budge. Then the door slammed shut, and after a gust of wind, everything went silent. The door slowly opened to reveal several bodies of nurses and doctors who are now lying on the floor lifeless with eyes open, a death similar to the two patients. You looked around in utter disbelief of what youd just witnessed.

The scythe was picked up from the floor by a black figure in a hood, who gazes out the window to see souls slowly marching towards a black whirlpool, the policeman, the gymnast and now you are now beside him, and with an evil laugh they slowly vanish into thin air.

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  • T.D. Chronicler9 months ago

    That was some really chilling stuff! I truly love endings like this.

  • Carol Townendabout a year ago

    That made me shiver! I really loved reading this.

  • aly suhailabout a year ago

    That was bone chilling.

  • Winner grace!!about a year ago


  • sasha k. gordonabout a year ago

    great story. I am also a fiction writer this is my official account

  • Francis Katikuabout a year ago

    Great work

  • Lauraabout a year ago

    Thank you for sharing the inspiring story "I Will Come, Eventually". It is a powerful reminder that persistence and determination can help us overcome even the most challenging obstacles in life. The story's message of hope and faith in oneself is truly uplifting, and serves as a valuable lesson to never give up on our dreams. Once again, thank you for sharing this wonderful story.

  • Christiane Winterabout a year ago

    Jarring imagery, great job Kel!! Love from the group chat aha

  • Babs Iversonabout a year ago


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