Human Portal to the Other Side

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None of them were prepared to deal with just how different she actually was.

Human Portal to the Other Side

Lanie knew she was different from the start. Every female in her blood-line had been sure to tell her from a very early age that she was special and different. Seeing spirits on a daily basis was nothing new to her, interacting with them, again nothing new. What she was about to face however, nobody could have prepared her for.

It was exactly one week after she turned 14, an ordinary day no different from any other Tuesday afternoon. She was sitting on her bed, headphones on, doing homework. Out of nowhere she began to feel dizzy and a wave of nausea hit her, forcing her to close her books and lay down where she sat. She closed her eyes in the hopes of making her spinning head stop and clutched at her stomach as she tried to think of anything but throwing up. As quickly as the symptoms had come they simply vanished. She opens her eyes to see a female spirit walking from the end of her bed to the door. Lanie calls out to the woman, she simply turns her head give a slight wave and a smile and disappears through the doorway.

"What in the world was that about?" she mutters to herself. She sits up feeling totally fine except a little thirsty. Instead of getting back to her homework she takes herself down to the kitchen to get a glass of water. She looks around for the female spirit, she had to be there somewhere, the only time they ever came to her was if they needed to pass a message along or if they didnt know they were dead and she was the only one who could see them. But looking around she didnt see her or anyone for that matter. That in itself was odd, she always seen one or two hanging around somewhere, whether it be her neighbors mother who was always around or the previous owner of the house acroos the street. But today she saw nobody.

Shrugging it off she crosses back to the staircase as she looks up she sees a woman and instantly feels dizzy and the nausea kicks back in, this time much more severe than the last. The woman begins walking down toward her, the closer she gets the more dizzy she becomes. Her head is spinning, she cant seem to catch her breath and the spirit comes closer and closer. The woman is so close she can feel the intense cold coming from her, their noses almost touching, she begins to see blackspots and nearly passes out. Lanie closes her eyes not knowing what to expect next when just like before the nausea is gone, breathing is becominig easier, and her spinning head is now feeling normal again.

Something is not right here, something is very wrong. Completely panicking she runs up the stairs grabs her phone and calls her Mom. Going into full detail about what has just happened, her Mom tell her to hold tight and she is on the way home. Going into her fathers office, she goes to the small brown bookcase and grabs every book that has been passed down for generations about the powers her and her family posses to see if she can find anything about what has happened.

Books in hand, she turns for the door when another wave of nausea hits and her head begins to spin. 'Not again' she thought as she sat in her fathers chair. She puts her head back and closes her eyes. Just like the first time, as quickly as it started it went away. She opens her eyes to see an elderly man with a cowboy hat on, this time in front of her fathers desk. He is walking away instead of toward her. Lanie calls out to him and he simply turns, tips his hat and walks away.

Lanie is sitting on the floor of the office, books spread out before her, when she hears the front door and her mother calling. Scared of getting up, she yells to come up to the office. Her mother rushes in the room, although when she looks at her daughter, she looks fine, except for the family heirlooms she has splayed out in front of her.

She gives her mom a play by play of what has happened the last 3 times she has seen a spirit, and except for them, she has seen no others. They stay in the office, searching the books for hours, finding nothing that could possibly explain what has been going on with her. Just as they are about to give up, her mother finds a page titled Portals. The information on the page only refers to mirrors, caves, and other physical locations for portals, but still doesn't explain what is happening to Lanie.

Finding nothing solid to go on, they call the only person they thought could possibly help them, Lanies Grandmother, Ruth. Lanie gives her grandmother a detailed explanation of the events of the day. Ruth has seen almost everything there is to see in the supernatural world, so when she informs them she is stumped and has no idea what could be going on, they are quite surprised. She tells Lanie and her mother that she may know someone who can help and she would be over the next morning with them.

The evening goes on and Lanie is faced with two more episodes like the first. The spirits never truly interact with her, they just go on as if she isn't even there. As she lays in her bed that night, she gets no rest. She sees spirit after spirit, and they come closer and closer, making her sick to the point of passing out. Once the spirits are gone though, she is back to normal.

By the time morning comes, Lanie is exhausted. She has had very little sleep, and with her grandmother coming with a mystery person, she is sure to get no more for quite a while. The doorbell sounds and she hears three voices accend the stairs. The mystery person wasnt such a mystery after all. It was her very sweet, very eccentric Great Aunt Stella. She tells her everything that she has told her Mother and Grandmother, only adding on what all has happened through the night. As Lanie goes on with her recollection of the previous day and night her Aunts eyes widen with fear.

Stella knows exactly what is going on here. The problem is she doesn't know how to stop it.

She carefully explains that, with the passing of her fourteenth birthday, she has also entered into womanhood, and these spirits have gravitated toward her newfound energy, and they are now using her as a portal to go from this life to the next life. The issue with this is that every time a spirit enters or leaves her body, it also takes her energy with them, and it would only be a matter of time before Lanie was bed-bound. Lanie knew it was true she could already feel the difference after one night. She also explains that she didn't know how to stop it from happening, or how to close the portal her body had become.

Ruth goes on to tell them that she has some friends who practice wicca and may be able to help but it could be several more days before she is able to contact them as they were out of town at the moment. Lanie looks at her mother and Grandmother, scared and worried but knowing that waiting was the only option. They could each see the change in her that one night had brought on. Her Mother and Grandmother exchanged worried glances at one another and wondered what would happen to Lanie.

Will her Great Aunts Wiccan friends make it back in time to save Lanie?

Check out Part 2 to find out.....coming soon.

Susan C
Susan C
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